Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Splish Splash

Some days you just need to spend soaking up the sun. Having fun with your friends while getting wet at the local splash pad.

My kids love it there. I mean, what's not to love? There is water to play in, a play ground and their friends! The water was a bit cool but the sun was hot and it was the perfect day. 

We packed up our picnic lunch and ate as soon as we arrived so that the kids could go and do what they wanted for the afternoon. My kids love fruit, crackers, string cheese and some of them love fresh veggies with hummus. We also brought snacks of granola bars, fruit bars and lots of water and Gatorade! 

The toddler girls always waste no time and jumping in the water. They found some buckets and Amy was smart and brought some with her.

The older boys had a great time as well. They loved the big dump bucket and had fun chasing around the littler guys and dumping buckets of water on them.


Even the babies joined in on the splashing fun!

My cousins joined us this day. Logan had been with them for a couple days. Ethan and Logan are the best buddies! They are only 8 months apart and share an amazing bond!

It was a wonderful day filled with the best of summer. These days are what make my long 4 days of work worth while!