Monday, July 25, 2011

A quarter of a year

Dear Charlie

You are 3 months old already. These months are flying by!  You are such a beautiful little girl.

Look at those baby blues and those leg rolls! Wowza ;) You still have reflux and are on cereal bottles and zantac. We tried oatmeal cereal last night but we think that you are just not ready yet.  Not sure if it is because your belly hurts at night or if you just did not like the taste, but we will hold off and try again in a few weeks!
We have also started to use the exersaucer and you love it!  You look at the toys, grab them and have even spun yourself around a bit.  Your little piggies just reach so that you can stand up! I know you are much taller than your brothers at this age because we had to use a pillow to prop their feet up. 
You continue to try to suck on your fingers but cannot figure out how to get them in your mouth.  So your entire fist is what keeps you happy.  We give you a B but you only accept it every now and then.  You are very unlike your brothers in that manner, they love them and you not so much!  You do love your tag blanket that Amanda made for you.  You play with it, eat it and cover/rub your face with it.  It is so completely adorable. You are cooing and laughing and smiling and melting our hearts each time!
We have been calling you everything from Charlotte, Charlie to Char-Char and Charmander.  We love you so much sweet angel baby.

Hugs and Kisses

Saturday, July 23, 2011

VIP for a hot second

On Friday night, Gary and I attend the CD release party.  It was our date night, which are very few and far between now a days! The band, These Lions, are managed by a close family friend of ours.  Dom is an awesome young man and we hope the best for him in his career!  We do not know any other 20 something man that works 3 jobs while going for his MBA. He deserves mad props and will be kickin some serious ass by the time he is 30!  And we will be there cheering him on the whole way....

When we got to Diesel on the South Side, we were greeted with a copy of their CD.  We went in and I grabbed a Captian and diet coke (it is my drink and I love it, when I actually do drink) and the hubs had a Coke (DD, we are responsible parents don't ya know). Shortly after we arrived, my brother came and joined us.  Dom is my brothers close friend who has grown to be like a brother to us!  He calls my kids his 'nephews and niece.' We watched the opening band and then see James Harrison walk through the door and go upstairs to the VIP lounge. Not that we actually spoke to him, but it was cool that he was there! During the second band we were called to the front door by my brother, Sam.  We found out that we had a VIP booth upstairs awaiting us too, with a paid bottle of vodka and a front view of the bands. OMG, how AWESOME is that! Dom is the best, seriously!  He made us feel super special and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
We went up to the lounge and I had a couple drinks.  For a woman that has not drank more than a wine cooler in a year, WHOA baby!  3 drinks in 2 hours and I was a tiny bit tipsy, ahem, but in a good way.  It was cool to be up booth from the band and 2 from a Steeler...but that is not why we went.  We went to support our friend, our brother and his band. Dom-we love you and are so very proud of everything you have accomplished in your short life!  The band is great and they play at the Streets of Cranberry during the summer concert tour.  If you have never heard them, please go and check them out! I wish I had more pictures to share but I did not bring my camera, boo!

Great time, good family/friend and celebrating success...and feeling like a VIP for a brief moment in time :) Life is good!  And do not forget, if you have not heard These their song on ITunes. Support a local band and a family friend!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rashes and Teething and Stomach Bugs OH MY

The past week has been a whirl wind of illness.  Lack of sleep.  Tons of poopy diapers. Drool galore. And puke, everywhere! And I wanted to write this before but my emotions of people who are sick and go out in public was holding me back. I MEAN COME ON PEOPLE...stay home. My kids catch everything and I do mean everything. They are miserable, I am miserable, the hubs is miserable. Money flies out of our accounts faster than Speedy Gonzales with the Dr visits and prescriptions.  I have no idea why people think they should leave the house with a fever, stomach bug, strep throat, infections of all know what I am saying, right?!

Anyway...done with the rant of sick people....

It started off with Dominic getting poison oak (we think, they cannot tell us if its oak, ivy or sumac). Then he came home with a contagious rash...which in turn I got :(  Urgent Care trip.  YAY, NOT! 3 prescriptions later...
I had to stop working early on Monday because of it. Could not stand the itch. The end.

Wednesday rolls around and I take Dom to his weekly Dr apt.  We stop by the mall to pick up some back to school stuff (yes, people I am way ahead of the game here. I know, I am always buying ahead. I am a freak of nature there!).  I got some awesome deals at Gymboree for Charlotte and some at JcPenny for Dominic.  I let the boys run around the play place and grab a pretzel before we left.  It was way past Logan's nap time.  We get to the car and start driving...5 minutes later...BLAH! Logan gets sick all over himself, his blanket, the car seat, all the new clothes we just bought and my rugs in the car. WHOA. CRAP. He falls asleep and I pull into the nearest gas station. Clean him up and the car as best as I can. I am still 30 minutes from home. He sleeps the whole way home. I get him out of the car and start walking up our steps to the front door. Blah, again 3 more times. All over me, the baby carrier and EWW. I get us both in the shower and clean. Whew.
That night, Charlotte started. Gary had to call off for the next 2 days. From a job that he just started 2.5 weeks before hand. The babies had to stay home from daycare that whole week. All around cluster of crap! Literally too...

Then we noticed the white spot in Charlotte's mouth was getting darker and bigger. ZOMG it is a tooth.  The bottom left side is starting to come up.  I am sure it will be WEEKS before that bad boy decides to break ground. But its there. We all can see it. She is a little cranky at times from it. I am so not ready to have a teething baby since I still have a toddler who is teething.

So if you need me...I will be in the corner hiding from it all ;)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

21 is so close to 2

My little Logan turned 21 months yesterday.  Like for real, he did! I know, I am as shocked as you are ;)

My crazy little man is in the swing of terrible two's big time! We have the occasional tantrum, shouting matches, throwing things and coloring everything but paper! We (ahem) have the tile, car seat, fireplace, vibrating seat and high chair to prove it.  He goes up to his beautiful art work and says 'no, no. bad, bad coloring.' Ha, he understands that its bad to do yet he just cannot help himself!

Logan you are an adorable ball of energy.  Running, talking constantly, getting into everything, loving your baby sister and keeping up with your big brother. I am glad you are still able to cuddle because before I know it, you will not fit into my lap anymore!

21 is way too close to 2, someone please push the pause button.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Memorable Moments

I began blogging so that I could remember all the things that happen around our nut house.  This week has been especially funny in Loganville.
Gary and I were discussing something while Logan was eating lunch.  Gary put up his hand to me and said 'Face' while he was getting Logan out of the high chair.  Logan looks at me, put his hand in the air and said 'FACE!'
Gary and I were doing some shopping for Trisha's shower on Friday night.  He pulled into a first row spot and said 'Hot Damn' and 1.2 seconds later from the back seat 'Hot Dahhhm.'  Yikes, Mr Repeat is repeating way toooo much ;)
Logan kicked his sister on accident yesterday.  He immediately said 'I sowrey' then hugged her, tried to kiss her, tickled her feet 'twika twika' and beeped her nose. First off the cuteness of that is killing me and second off HOW DOES HE KNOW HOW TO SAY SORRY? I mean, we do tell him to say sorry and hug someone when he does something unwanted.  But he never has said it before and bam out it came yesterday!

Charlie has had her adorable moments this week too!
Charlotte is cooing and smiling every single time any of us look at her, talk to her and play with her.  Her smile melts my heart.  Even my Mom commented that the amount of smiles and coos have changed in the last week.
Yesterday when I was talking, Charlotte turned around to look at me.  She heard my voice from feet away and wanted to see her Momma. Again, my heart melted into a puddle of goo.

Dominic was a helpful guy this week, ahem, even when he did not need to be.
I had bought 2 signs to put at the end of our road and the main road.  I was having a baby shower here and most people had never been to our house.  The signs had this nice perforated top with a hole in it. (where the store would hang it on the wire hooks, you know?) I thought to myself, self that is the perfect place to tie the balloons! Dom had other thoughts, as in, 'Mom, here you go. You forgot to rip these off the signs.' GAH. Dom I had left those on for a tie balloons to it. I know you think you are being helpful, but ask before doing something next time PLEASE! Oy

My kidlets always keep me on my toes, keep me laughing and make me smile!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In the blink of an Eye

*has learned how to open the doors.
*Can climb up his crib and just about get into it. This kid amazes me with his skills. 
*Is getting real sentences out of his mouth. Although he still jiber jabers, he is talking. It.Is.Hilarious!
*Is 'play' gaming systems. LOVES them. Gives Mommy time to do the dishes. Whatever, don't judge!
*LIKES to play in his pack-n-play with toys and a portable DVD player. I know I am blessed and I get things done around my house. Again, don't judge. We do not leave him in there for hours or anything.

*Has grown so long that she does not fit into the infant tub anymore. I have no idea what to a bigger one? She cannot sit up yet. Any one have any ideas?
*Has grown out of 3 month clothes, some 3-6 month clothes and is starting to wear 9 MONTH PJS. Good gravy.
*Is sleeping better. Not eating a bottle during the night. Just early am!
*Is eating her hands and drooling like a mad woman. All. Day. Long.

Dom's friend left the both gates open this morning. My heart sank as I heard the first gate open. I jumped up and ran into the kitchen.  I got there just in time to stop Logan from falling down the steps.  Again. Remember in December when a cable worker left the door open?  I swear that I have PTSD from it, the tears came for over 30 minutes. He did not fall, I have to keep telling myself that.

In the blink of an eye: kids grow, things happen and life changes!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Red, White & Blue

Happy Birthday America!
This holiday was my Dad's holiday.  He went all out for the family/friend picnic every single year.  This year the crowd was small but I felt his vibe. 
Saturday was the big day....   Dominic played with the neighbor kids, Logan played with his cousin Ethan, Gary grilled with my uncle, I helped with dinner and took pictures while the baby hung out and got spoiled!  There was a lot of food, bubbles, kick ball and laughter.

Sunday we woke up early and went out to breakfast and bathroom shopping.  We have almost everything picked out to start the remodel.  The only question right now is marble or granite...  Then we went to my Moms for picnic left overs and to just hand out.  Gary had running around to do with his Dad so the kids and I kept my Mom company.  After we got home, Gary and I started to do touch up paint that has been waiting since last summer.  It was a late night that started again on Monday the 4th!  Logan played in his pack n play and Dom watched TV while Charlotte slept!  We are so blessed to have children who allow us to get things done and when they do not then we call a Grandparent to come help, heh!  The house is finally getting where we want it. 
All in all it was a good long holiday weekend.  How was yours?