Friday, September 28, 2012

Saturday To Five Laughs

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Another week has gone and flown by. Will time ever slow down?!

5. When Charlie wants a pack of fruit snacks: "nack! nack!" *shaking head yes* Then when I give them to her *eyes wide, mouth opened wide, dancing around*

4. Logan and Charlie woke up from their naps at the same time. I put Charlie on the couch next to Logan while I went to get them a drink. Logan: "Oh I love you so much Charlie. You dah best girl!"

3. Charlie has been very fond of Dom lately. She grabs onto his leg "Bubbah. Bubbah." Then waves goodbye at the front door when he leaves for school. "Buh buye Bubbah."

2. Dominic is super sweet to Charlie. He picks her up when she puts her arms out for him to lift her. Gives her kisses. Then Charlie wiggles back down. *lather, rinse, repeat about 1.689 million times* But Dom only gives her about 3 chances until he gets an attitude and says "Geez Charlie make up your mind!"

1. Logan and Charlie were playing with their ear plugs. (the ear plugs are like a play doh consistency) Gary came out from talking on the phone and found a few pieces of them on the floor. Then he looked up and found big chunks of them stuck to the entertainment center in the middle nook.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - 3 weeks this boy will be 3!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

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5. Charlie was rubbing her bum and whining. Dom asked her if her butt was itchy. She shook her head yes and backed her bum up to his hand so he would scratch it.

4. And after Dom scratched Charlie's bum for her, Logan decided to take off her diaper and try to itch it. Then he decided to sniff it.

3. All 3 kids were wrestling around. Logan accidentally bounced on Dom's twig and berries. Dom began whining and cried out in pain. So...Logan ran to the freezer and brought out an ice pack. He put it on Dominic's bum.

2. Charlie went to bite Logan. I scolded her and told her no. She looked up at me with her eyes, starting batting her eye lashes and smiled at me. The girl cannot talk but she can distract you with her cute from the bad she is doing. Then when I turned my back, she bit Logan anyway.

1. Every time Logan gets hurt from Charlie (a bite, hit, bump) he asks for a band aid. When she bumped him in the eye "Momma I need a ban aid for my eye ball. It hurt. Charlie hurt me!"

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What would you do-oo-oo for a klondike bar? this post has nothing to do with ice cream. BUT....

What would you do if your children were constantly getting sick from germs that they are exposed to? And I am not just talking colds. I am talking about full on infections. Ear infections that they scream in pain from. Staph infections that cause a ton of pain to your childs bum. Infections that lead to your child have tonsils the size of tangerines? What would you do if you were faced with having to pay out 3x what you are now because of a few changes that happened all within a month? And the payout is just not in the budget! And worrying about more surgeries that could be needed to make your children feel better and be normal again.

We love our daycare. Logan adores his teachers. Charlie adores the owner. I do not adore the germs. We have been looking into pulling them out and having a sitter here at home. When my mother in law watched them, they were not nearly as sick as when they go to daycare. However, they need socialization with other kids. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I do not want them sick but I do want them to play and learn with other children their own age. But having a sitter is almost as expensive as full time daycare.

It all started when my mother in law found a job so she no longer watches the littles. (do not get me wrong, I am happy she finally found a position that suits her!) My brother now works too much and is in the process of trying to find his career and cannot care for them either. We were relying on family to help us out because having our children in daycare full time is not an option financially. I will not pay out nearly what I am making in childcare. That is dumb. And I am sure that some of you are reading this and thinking, why do you not just stop working? It is not that simple. We are still paying off debt. My student loan payments alone are almost the same price we pay for 2 new cars! I have bills to pay and not working is not possible. I wish it was. But it is not.

Gary and I have had some curve balls thrown at us lately in regards to working from home, sitters and accruing more money going out the door. We have some plans. Nothing is immediate nor is anything going to be resolved quickly. We are trying our best to find the best solution for us. Even with a solution, there is going to be more stress at first. More days where my eyes are going to be bugging out of my head. There will be changes. Big changes! We will adapt.

But....I may be whiny for awhile. I may rant and rave and vent. But I will return. With bells on. And be happy when it all works out for the best. Which, I know it will. Just during the whole change process, I am scared! Bare with me as we continue on our quest...

Friday, September 14, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

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Another week down. Dominic is at camp for the weekend with my Mom and my best friend is in from Illinois for her sons first birthday! It will be a fun weekend for this family.

5. While we were at the ENT, the Dr asked Logan to let him look up his nose. Logan began fussing and squirming. Once the Dr started to actually look how he needed to, Logan shouted "Oooohhh, dats not bad. Not bad at all!"

4. Charlie has been biting the dog. Weirdo.

3. While at our friends for dinner, I looked into the next room to see Charlie hugging and squeezing her BFF Lily's face while going in for a smooch. Those two little ladies are adorable together!

2. Logan was hitting his Dad and saying "Why are you hitting yourself?" Um....I do not think he gets the way that game works. Heh.

1. I heard the water running in the kitchen. I yelled in to Logan to shut it off. He said "I am not playing in the water Momma, I peeing in dah sink!" Oh that kid....

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ears, Throats, Lips and Bums

We have had one HECK of a week here. I mean, for real, why does so much happen in this house?

It all started when I decided that I needed to not take anxiety medicine anymore. I have been on and off of it since my Dad was diagnosed with Cancer. The last prescription cause me to gain weight and I am not all about that. So, slowly off of it and will go to a different Dr for a better fit in a few weeks. *side note that going through withdrawal from a drug is horrendous. awful. craptastic.

Charlie had a slight fever when she awoke on Saturday morning. She is getting her I teeth so I chalked it up to that. We left the house to run our errands and she appeared fine all day. Saturday night her fever spiked ad 103. Motrin, Tylenol and a cool bath. She started sneezing and coughing. I then thought it was just a cold/flu. We figured we would give it a day or two before taking her to the doctors. On Sunday night, we discovered that she had 2 boil looking bumps on her bum. With that, we decided to take her to the doctors on Monday.

Off we went to the Urgent Care. Charlie had, yet another, ear infection. That makes 6 infections in 6 months, with tubes. Good heavens. And...and the boils on her bum. A staph infection. The Dr scared us with the mention that it could be MRSA. For the love of...... OY! She gave us medicine and said if it did not clear up within 4 days that it probably was and to go have it cultured.

I am not going to lie. I FREAKED out. Anxiety spiked. It was not good. Not good at all. My hubs talked me down. He is a pretty good guy ;)

Then came Logan's throat. He started snoring recently again. We took a peek and saw the biggest tonsils. Huge. Red. Yuck. So, not only, did Charlie need to go back to the ENT but so did Logan. Good times guys. Good times.

Appointments were made for today.  Both Logan and Charlie still have tubes in. They are working but Charlie is just prone to ear infections. The solution for winter? She will be on drops for her ears as a daily regimen.  Since she is sick with ear infections right now and has a cold, they could not do her xray or hearing test. So we go back in 3 weeks for those. If her adenoids are like both her brothers then they will need to come out. Logan's tonsils are a 3+ on a scale of 0-4. They are LARGE. Just like Dominic's were before his were removed. He is now on antibiotics for a month to hopefully get rid of the infection and shrink them a bit. However, he most likely will need them removed before the end of the year.

Logan has also had a craptastic time with his upper lip. On Tuesday, he got stung by a bee on the inside of lip. It swelled pretty big and he could not talk correctly. It was comical after we figured out that he was okay! Then on Wednesday, our dog Libby knocked Logan down. He hit his upper lip on the cement patio. Bruised, cut the flap of skin holding his gums to his lip and it swelled up twice as big as the night before. Poor kid! Seriously, he is a magnet for injuries!

And there you have it. Our crazy week of sick and injury. We have a black cloud above our house. I wish it would blow away and not return. It looks like we will be adding more surgeries to our resume by the end of the year. is your week going?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

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Another week down. The weeks are flying by. It will be Halloween before we know it! Just a fair warning that #1 is probably the best laugh ever. It is all boy. You have been warned  ;)

5. Charlie was eating dinner and making grunting noises. I look over and her head is down. I asked her if she was pooping. She looks up, grins and shakes her head Yes. Then grunts some more.  (I love that she understands us and can tell us some things since she is not very vocal yet!)

4. Logan was cleaning up his train stuff. He grabbed a wooden pig, came running over “Ewww. mell my pig. He mells yike poop!”

3. I started singing if you are happy and you know it, Charlie whips herself around and starts clapping and stomping her feet.

2. Logan “my finger hurts, right there.” Daddy “what is wrong with it?” Logan “I gots a toe nail!”

1. Logan. Crazy potty mouth loving all boy Logan. Really, there are no words. And here it goes:
*taking off his undies after Daddy says he needs a shower*
“Mom, you want to see our penis?” After saying no and Daddy taking him to the bathroom, I over heard:
“Dad, you wanna have a penis fight? It’s a penis party!” *thrusting his hips as to use his twig as a sword*
AND THAT my friends is what I live with. I am not ashamed to say that I laughed. Pretty hard. I mean, COME ON, a penis fight?!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

Hard to believe another week has gone by. This was Dominic's first week of school and he enjoyed each day.  Enjoy your weekend and our laughs!

5. Logan was doing “hiccups” aka push ups! 

4. Charlie fell and was crying, she got a scowl look on her face and hit the floor. As if to say BAD FLOOR!

3. Charlie holds play guns, points them and says “pow pow” so you know she has older brothers!

2. Logan “You said it SISTER!”

1. Charlie is trying very hard to jump. She stands with both feet, looks down and pops herself up. Usually she only gets one foot off the ground high enough. It is adorable!