Friday, January 28, 2011


Glucose tests are not fun. You drink nasty flavored water and sit there twiddling your thumbs.
I have had more than my share of these tests.
Took my first test and could not hold down the sugar water. Had to come back and take it again, passed YAY.
Took my 1 hour test and failed. Had to take the 3 hour test and passed by the skin of my teeth, YAY.
Had to take a 1 hour test at 11 weeks since I failed the 1 hour test with Logan and passed, YAY.  Had to take my normal 25 week 1 hour test and failed.  Get to take the 3 hour test next week.  Can you hear the enthusiasm?

Being a boarder line diabetic is hard when you are pregnant and crave sweet things!  I do not eat much as it is and am hoping I pass this test so that I do not have to watch my diet and prick my finger 24/7.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Birthday Wishes to my first born

9 years ago today I spent 43 hours in labor before delivering my first born.  You were a tiny little guy, so cute, so pure, so snugly.  Now you are a tall, handsome, smart and a crazy little man.

It is hard to describe how much you love someone when you first look at them.  Now its hard to describe how I feel about you growing up so quickly.  You went from a chubster baby who ate non stop, to a waddling toddler who talked so much, to a smart preschooler who accelerated faster than I ever imagined, to a school aged child who gets bored very easily! Every year comes and get bigger and bigger.  You will soon be taller than Mommy and I will have to look up at you to say hi or get a hug (if you even hug me then)!

I wish you the best with each birthday. I give you presents that you ask for.  I hug and kiss you.  I take you to dinner where ever you choose.  But most of all, I love you.  Happy Birthday little man!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Growing in Cuteness

Logan has seemed to have a big burst in his vocabulary this week and has learned so many new and exciting things.

He no longer calls Dominic 'Dah,' he can now say 'Dahmick.'  He will stand on the hall gate and yell 'Dahmick' until Dom comes out to greet him or play with him. 

As most parents do, Gary and I sing silly songs and do crazy dances with the kids.  Logan can sing parts of Twinkle Twinkle and Patty Cake.  The CUTE that comes out when he sings melts my heart!  'Up ab-bub da whorl' he sings and 'Pada cake, pada cake. wool it, pad it, arc it.'  He taps around on his feet doing happy feet with us all the while singing his versions of the songs :)  He has a chicken that sings the chicken dance song and he loves to dance around with it....cracks me up!

He can also match some colors together.  He will grab a red ball and if you tell him to get another red one, he will!  If you say to get a blue ball, he will and says 'boo!'    He also loves to say 'kick it' and kick balls around the house.  He throws them and says 'ball.'  I think its fair to say they are one of his favorite toys!

He is pretty independent when it comes to playing with toys and entertaining himself. Shhhh, I know I am SUPER LUCKY with that!  He is content to grab flip books, sit on his couch and look at them.  He loves to play with his ball pitt, little people, cars, play food and run the sweeper of the continual messes he makes.  I could seriously just watch him and the cute all day.  He likes to bring things to us and have one on one time with each of us.  He loves to grab things he is not supposed to have and run away with them too. He is starting to want to wrestle with Gary and Dom when they do.  He yells and runs over and jumps on them full blast. 

I know everyone thinks their kid(s) is/are the cutest...I am not exception to that rule!  I love this age and how they are interacting with the world around them.  It seems like every day there is something new they can do.  And to think, in 20 months I get to experience it all over again :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow....really do I need to say more?

Ugh, the snow is getting to me.  I do not mind it at all if stayed out of my driveway and off the roads but apparently mother nature did not get my request.  The new street we live on is horrible most of the time.  We have an SUV that is hard to get up if you even remotely slow down. Just with the last storm, I tweeted about how it took Gary a couple hours to get home from Pittsburgh. I am so glad to have a work from home most of the time job.  I would hate to commute an hour each way in these storms.  I have a bajillion Dr apts in the next couple weeks for myself and the kids.  I am seriously hoping the snow just stops and spring comes upon us. It would make this pregnant Mama a happy woman.  Are there any no snow type dances or chants we can do?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tidbits and toe nails

The kids have been cracking me up with their little sayings and what not lately.

Dominic says to me last night (as he pulls my shirt up and talks my belly) "Am I going to be Charlie's protector from bad boyfriends, cause I am good with the ladies and know whats up." Oh my goodness, the things that kid says has me rolling on the floor sometimes.
Logan has recently been saying "blah, blah, blah" if he does not want what you are trying to give him or if he does not like what you are saying to him.  I handed him a piece of banana and he turned his head, put his hand up, tongue out and said it.  LOL Oh man, we are in for some trouble with that one!
Dominic has a crush on a little girl in his class.  He told my sister that he had a great day, his desk got moved next to hers.  "She is all I can think about." Whew boy we are going to have a rough time ahead during teenage dating years with him.
Logan loves to be chased around.  He started saying "Getchya" and then he runs what he really means is come get me!

Today I had to get part of my toe nail removed. I thought they would remove the cyst that has grown, but since I am pregnant they did not want to do that.  I have to wait it out and hopefully it will clear up on its own now that the nail is gone, no more pressure on I was told.  All I have to say is, if you have an ingrown toe not let your kid step on it 6 times in one day.  It causes bad things to happen.  It is painful and requires Dr visits.  Soaking an open wound in epson salt is not fun, no sir I don't like it!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This That and oh yeah that other thing

I am tired of the snow already.  It gets in the way...big time!  Gary was gone for over 12 hours yesterday of which 3 hours was commute time. Thankfully, he worked from home today and Dom had a school cancellation.

Speaking of Drs and all the apts, this month is NUTS!  I had my Ob apt at the beginning of the month, had a sick visit for the upper respiratory infection and my toe infection, have to have my glucose test done on Saturday, blood work for my thyroid done on Saturday, get my toe surgery done tomorrow, get my neck sonogram done Sat the 29th (which I will miss part of my sons darn birthday party for!) and finally have my endocrinologist apt on the 27th.  Can we say expensive month just for me!  Logan also had a sick visit and has his 15 month check up this month.  Dom will also has his 9 year check up.  DUDE enough with the visits, already!

I thought once the new year started that our schedules would *maybe* calm down a bit. Ha, nope!  Last weekend we had a birthday party...which was so much fun for us adults even.  This weekend Gary is going to an all day guy thing on Saturday while the kids, my Mom and I head to a 31 party at Katie's.  After, we have dinner plans.  The weekend of the 22nd, we have no plans except to start getting ready for the MOM sale in March. The next weekend we have 2 birthday parties for Dom scheduled on the same day.  Before we know it, February will be upon us.  Maybe if I blink enough times then my due date will be here!

I have many friends and co-workers who are currently expecting babies.  I have started researching for some of the showers that I will be involved in.  It was then that I came across the most horrific shower cake EVER.  It was a naked woman pulling a baby out of her...well you know what!  Made out of modeling chocolate complete with hair, nips and everything else life like you can imagine.  It really threw me for a loop and I may have even choked on my water.  WHO WOULD WANT THAT?  Um, not me nor any person that I will be helping give a shower for....that is for sure!  If I were giving you a shower, what theme would most like?  Milk and Cookies, Ducky or Diapers?

So many thoughts, so little time...and really no clever saying to sum up my ramblings!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Craziness

I love Christmas but it is 2 days of running around like chickens with our heads cut off!  The kids have a great time but are so cranky by the end of day 2!

Christmas eve we always spend at my Dads side of the family.  Aunt Paulma holds the festivities which include a visit from Santa and a late dinner.  We usually get home around 12:30 am from our get together and then the magic has to happen in our home!  The boys looked adorable in their matching sweaters, which I know will be the last year for it (since a certain almost 9 year old thinks Mom is totally lame for doing it)!

Upon the crashing in bed of the little boys then Santa visits our house, while Mom and Dad watch 'A Christmas Story'.  He adds presents to the ones out from us.

Explanations had to be given to Dominic since he thought Logan received more gifts.  We had to explain that Mom, Dad and Santa have a budget and his gifts cost more and are smaller since they are electronics and legos.  After he thought about it, he understood.  Crisis averted, phew!

After opening gifts here at our house, we head to my Moms for breakfast and our gift exchanges with her and my siblings.  The kids are in a crazy gift opening mood at this point...okay, well Dominic is!  Logan did not really get the gift unwrapping year I am sure will be different.

After gifts with my Mom, Sam and Dawn....we head to Jim's to exchange gifts with him, Matt, Tina and Noel.  Dom and Noel rip through their gifts in no time flat.  We only stay there for about an hour as we have to get back to my Moms and Jim always joins us.

Upon getting back to my Moms, we eat a yummy dinner.  We have yet another gift exchange with her side of the family.  We enjoyed many memories of Ethan's first Christmas, Bella's first Christmas and of course Jingle opening her own gifts!  What a sight to see, a dog who opens gifts :)

Before dessert we have to head out of my Moms and over to Gary's Granddads for another gift exchange.  We arrived right before they ate, so it gave us a few precious moments of quiet and relaxing on the couch.  This pregnant Mama was very thankful for that!  The kids received so many more wonderful things but quickly got to the crabby stage.  Poor Logan hit his head off of the corner of the door when someone let him down....he immediately took off. Stinker!

All in all it was a wonderful Christmas. Next year will be even more wonderful with a little girl crawling around in all the chaos!