Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Say it isn't so

Some how my dear sweet Charlotte is now 2 months old. How did this happen?

Dearest Charlie-

You are such a beauty!

You now weigh 11 pounds 12 ounces and are 23 inches long, which is in the 69th percentile for both.

Your appearance has changed a lot this past month.  Your hair is getting lighter every single day. Your eyes are getting to be so blue and appear to be like your brother Dominic's and your Daddy's.  Your feet are so long and skinny, your legs have 3 rolls, your chin...ha chins are chunky and your cheeks are so pinch-able!
The mile stones that you hit: smiles (oh the smiles), cooing (music to Mommy's ears), sitting in your bumbo, holding your head up really high, scooting yourself forward and off of your boppy pillow, smacking at your toys!  You are a mover and a shaker....that is for sure.  To be honest, Mommy is very scared at how quickly you will be moving around our house!  You are growing so quickly and doing so many new things every single day. 
With every passing day, I think to myself how lucky I am to be your Mommy. I love you very much and adore watching you grow.  However, if you could slow down that growth and stay little for as long as possible then I would appreciate it!

Hugs and Kisses,

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dads day of lego land fun

For father's day this year, I wanted to get Gary tickets to Lego Kids Fest.  It was something we could do as a family yet still be geared towards him.  Did I mention that my guys LOVE them some Legos.  Seriously, our house is filled with them. I really do not want to know how much we have 'invested' in Legos. We have sets from when Gary was little and Dominic gets new ones every year for his birthday and Christmas!  Logan has fallen right in line with the loving of building with his Duplos!

When we arrived at the David L Lawrence Convention Center before it opened, I was all....we have tons of time to get there without a line....whoa was I WRONG (yes it doesn't happen often that I am nor admit to being it, but hey I was this time)...TONS of peeps had arrived to play with blocks. Look at blocks. Race the blocks. Build the blocks. Get their pictures taken with the blocks. A square time was to be had by all!

There were tons of exhibits of towns built, completed sets, master builder showcases and statues! The kids also got to build a piece of a mural to add to the wall.  There was a rock climbing wall, snacks, shops (spent WAY TOO much money there), stations where you could build with one color blocks/build race cars ect.  The guys and I had a great time.  We decided to leave Logan with my Mom since he is all 'hey I am going to run here and there and not be careful' stage.  We had gotten word from a friend that it was not really toddler friendly!  Charlie was awesome and so good, she is a super baby.

After playing with Legos for a few hours, we headed to dinner and then home.  We were all very tired.  We had the family over on Saturday for a Dads dinner and went to see my Dads grave before we went to Lego land....not to mention we went to a Graduation party too on Saturday.  So. Many. Things. All in all a good weekend, just very busy and full of things to do. Hope everyone else had a fun filled weekend with the Dads in their lives!

Happy Dads day to my hubs! Happy Father's day to my Dad who I miss very much.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kicking Off Summer

Monday was Dominic's last day of school (way later than normal thanks to a late start due to construction and a crappy winter). He came home ready to kick back and enjoy the next couple months off, even if we had been acting like summer break started on Memorial Day!
So far we have: gone to a pool party with our close friends, have gone out for ice cream twice, had a camp out in the living room, went to the zoo, had a camp fire, had a few cookouts, I took Dominic to WildWood Highlands, threw one baby shower, set up the baby pool and started walking. 

We will not be going on a traditional vacation this year since I took 2 extra weeks off for maternity leave and have no time left off from work. We may try to take a long weekend in September and go to the beach but still have no definitive plans.
I had 2 baby showers to plan for this summer.  One was a surprise for our friends Stef and Grant.  It was a success and they were surprised and received much needed diapers for baby #3 Nugget.
The next shower is for my best friend Trisha and it is her first baby!  She is having a little boy and I am super excited for her, she is going to rock the Mom thing ;)  I have put a lot of time into the details of her shower, I even made her invites (which no two are alike)!

I cannot wait to pick out the cake or cupcakes this week and put the final finishing touches on the games.
We have very few free weekends and are trying to keep busy for the kids! Here is to kicking off summer and having good times with family/friends :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wrapping Up

My time off with Charlie is winding down to the end :( I am going to miss spending all day with her and, cleaning, shopping and running errands. Someday I will be able to stay home with them, that time is just not right now.
I officially only have one more week off of work and then I start my new schedule.  I will be working (still from home mostly) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 7-530.  I am very excited about my new schedule and so grateful that my work was able to accommodate me so that we did not have to pay for another day of daycare.  Because in all reality, I would be paying as much as I would be bringing home after taxes so what is the point of working then?!
Dominic is done with school on Monday.  He is so very excited to be done with 3rd grade and move on to 4th.  Next year is his last year in the little kids schools, which totally makes me feel super old! Heh  He had a school music performance for the parents this week.  Luckily, Gary had taken off of work to spend the day with me (since it was our anniversary) so he was able to attend.
I hope to make next week a great week with the kids. Dom has a doctor apt Tuesday and then I think I'm going to take them to lunch. Wednesday we are shopping with my brother and probably lunch out with him.
Here is hoping my time with the kids is wonderful this week :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Signs of Summer

Little boy giggles while swinging in their bare feet!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Family Day at the Zoo

Today we went to Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG are a few of my favorite shots

Sometimes there are no words, only snap shots to tell the story!