Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer starts with Strawberries

Thursdays are my days off of work. I have errands and chores to do those days but I try to fun things with the kids too, especially in the summer!

We have been trying to go pick strawberries for the last 2 weeks, however, it kept raining. Yesterday, we decided since it was not bad that we were still going. It was only misty rain and warm out. The kids were all looking forward to it!

We loaded up and went to a local farm, Soergel's and met up with some of our friends. We were missing a few who were in other states having fun!

Missing, the babies, one toddler girl, 3 older kiddos

After playing on the fire truck, getting our containers weighed and waiting for our tractor to pick us up, we headed up to the strawberry fields.

Logan picking

Aubrey (Stef's great niece) and Jack

Dom and Logan jumping over the strawberries

Lily picking

Dom looking for the perfect patch


Dom and Jack



Shenanigans always with two besties!

Sweet Violet

When did Charlie turn into a little girl?

Logan showing off his haul

Dom showing off his haul

I think Lily ate her weight in strawberries

Lexie did awesome

Liam loving the straw

Dom giving Liam a bite of strawberry

Dom loves his little buddy

The crew of kids, love these kids! Glad they have each other

I love pictures on the farm. They are my second favorite place to take pictures, after the beach! The kids took their time picking and eating them. The toddler girls had strawberry all over their face when we loaded back onto the tractor to head back down out of the fields.

After our fun at the farm, we all went to Eat - N - Park for lunch. Our huge crew in one place at a restaurant was fun and the waitress said that our kids were the most well behaved that she had all day! It was a great day spent with great friends.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Day about Dad

Father's Day 2014

* Gary and I spent a few hours on the roof. We got a nice chunk of roofing stuff done. It was nice to help. However, I am afraid of heights. I only got up there for him. It was not too bad when I was up there but getting down was terrifying. I shook the entire time. Only the love of my life could get me to go up on a roof and tackle my biggest fear without any medication helping my anxiety. 

* We went to the cemetery to see my Dad. Logan was a bit more inquisitive and adorable and sad this time around. "I wish Papa was here so I could meet him and give him the best hug!" (we had to explain to him that he did meet him when he was a baby) He also talked to him and rubbed his tombstone and walked away with a pout face when he couldn't see Papa. Our eyes had tears but it was adorable. He is just the best kid. 

* My Mom cooked us all dinner - steak, chicken and ribs! She is the best. We usually cook out here on Father's day but she offered to cook this year. And I jump at the chance to not cook ;) Gary's Dad made other plans this year so we did not see him at all. It was just my family, we had a good time. I love them and not sure what I would do without them by my side. 

* Gary was a bit spoiled this year. He got a new Xbox live membership, an automatic staple gun that he needed for the roof and a bunch of clothes. He deserves it, he works hard for his family and we appreciate him!

 I hope everyone enjoyed spending time with their Father, whether here on Earth or thinking of them in Heaven.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Fun

Finally! Warmth in the air, no school and fun times begin. 

I have off on Thursdays to help keep our childcare costs lower. We usually meet up with our friends this day for play dates around the Pittsburgh area. We also get together on the weekends with the whole family for cook outs and other fun things. This year we have a bunch of fun things we want to do:

* goofy golf
* beach 
* sesame place
* lake erie
* camping
* backyard fire with smores
* movie in the park
* swimming
* splash park
* water steps
* strawberry picking
* park play date
* visit the zoo
* amusement park
* ice cream night out
* spill way to feed the fish/ducks
* see fireworks
* carnival
* site see downtown with the kids
* just ducky tours

What is on your summer list to do this year?