Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Fun For All

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A camping we will go....

2 weekends ago, the kids and I headed up to my Aunt's camp in Pymatuning Pa. We were ready for a fun filled girls only (My aunt, cousing, mom and I) with all the grandkids. It was crazy, fun and exhausting.

We got stuck in traffic on the way up on Friday night, which meant we did not arrive until almost sunset. We unloaded the car, went to see what fish Dom had already caught and settled in for the night. We had a fire and watched fireworks right from the porch. It was peaceful and awesome. Getting the kids to sleep that night was a mess. No one wanted to sleep.

The next day, we headed to The Deer Park. The kids were very excited to see the animals. We go to pet minature horses, have birds land on us to eat and saw a Zedonk! (half zebra, half donkey) The kids mined for gold (well Dom did), we rode the train, played at the playground and of course shopped!

After lunch, we headed to Pymatuning Spill Way. The kids fed the fish and we ate ice cream BEFORE dinner. That is what vacations are all about ;)

 After we went to lunch, we headed back to the trailer for some fun in the kiddy pool! Then we had hot dogs and macaroni and cheese for dinner. (what, you don't eat that for dinner when you go camping?)  We saw more fireworks that night and watched a movie while putting the kids to bed. Luckily, it was much easier than the first night.

The final day, we went to the beach and swam in the lake. We go caught in a huge down pouring rain.  It was awesome to watch the storm come up the lake towards us. We packed up the cars and headed home in the rain.

It was a fun trip and we cannot wait to do it again soon!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

15 months

Dear sweet Charlie

You are now 15 months old. (I did not do monthly updates since your year but because you will have a check up, I figured an update was needed) A whirl wind. A blessing. A perfect little pea.

You are chatting a lot now. Some of the recognizable words are: Muma, Dada, Bubba, Nana, Gaga, Lil, Yeah, Hi, Buh-Bye, Wah-dah, Up, Uh hah.

You are not just walking, but running. And climbing. And getting into everything. (side not that we have to move the couch to block the fire place because you are always climbing and falling off of it) You play so sweetly with your brother one minute and then grab something from him and run. Perfect combo of sassy and sweet.

You HATE to have your nose wiped and your face cleaned. You love your baths. You love the swim in the pool. You do not like being told No. (glare eyes and slaps usually result from it. from you to us, that is!) You love to sing songs and read books. Your blanket is always by your side!

You are all about shoes and putting on your pretties.  You love to put on everyone's shoes and walk around. Then you get very angry when the bigger shoes fall off, ha.

You still love to dance to music. You sway your hips, shake your hands in the air and bounce up and down. It is adorable. I love it!

You have a little group of toddler girl friends. It is so adorable to watch you play with them.We try to do weekly play dates, which has helped the summer fly by!

Your stats: 22.13 pounds, 30.5 inches (which I think is smaller than you are, you little wiggler) and head circum of 46 cm. You are 50-52% for everything!

I love you so so much....from the tips of your toes to the curly hair on your head! Thank you for being the best daughter in the world!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

dentistmelsbbutton Saturdays Top Five Laughs  Come join our Blog Hop!

I have not been able to link up in forever! TOO much summer fun ;) We are having a blast and doing as much as we can with these kidlets. Beach, camp, weekly play dates, getting together lots with friends, swimming and the zoo!

5.  Charlie saw that her brother was hurt. Bent down and looked right in his face. Smile and said "Ahhh??" Dominic laughed so she got up and ran away. I asked her if Dominic was okay and she responded "Uh ah!"

4. Logan has been quite the butt lately. Terrible two's/three's is hitting him hard. He kept on pinching me so I sat him in time out. I calmly told him that he is being mean and nasty. *pinching me over and over* "How do you like it MOM? I told you no time out. I say no. I no sorry. I go pway!" Um yeah, I kept my cool and laughed about his response later.

3. While we went on a mini vacation to my Aunt's camp, we went to a local animal park. There was a half donkey, half zebra there. It was awesome. And named a ZEDONK! The name is just as funny as the animal is awesome.

2. Again, while at camp, we were taking pictures of the kids. (my cousin and her son were there too). Just check out this photo of how Dom got the boys to look at the camera.

1. Logan has been wanting to run around without a diaper on (occasionally he will go on the potty). He loves to run around, scream he is "neh-kid" and show off. The other day, he came running up and tried to rub himself on me. I admit that I laughed. I mean, really, wouldn't you laugh while trying to tell a 2 year old that his privates are not to be put on other people!

I hope that I can back in the swing of things and keep up with my weekly favorite posts. We still have a few things planned for this summer though. I hope you join in and link up with Melissa and add your weekly laughs!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Member Night @ The Zoo

Last night we went to the members night at Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium. The kids were very excited to go to the zoo in the evening. We were going to ride the train, the carousel and play on the jungle gyms!!

When we first got there, the line was WAY TOO LONG to ride the train. (then it ended up derailing and we never got to ride) So we decided to go get our dinner (dollar hot dogs and drinks!) at the jungle gym. We would eat and the let the kids run around and play. They NEEDED to burn off energy.

We ate. We played. The kids giggled. They went up and down the monkey rope climb a bajillion times. Charlie was all "Ooo I totally got this!" and off she went. Dominic was a great big brother and watched her, helped her and Logan.

We went to the slides and the boys had a blast. There were not many people there, so no waiting in line! Then we all rode the carousel and headed home.

We saw some of the animals (but really we were not there to go see them all, we wanted the kids to run and play) and tire the kids out.

It worked! They slept like rocks for 10 hours straight!! Even if they did not go to bed until 10:30, we will do it again next month.