Friday, August 26, 2011

4th Month has come and gone

Dear Charlotte

You are now 4 month old and time is flying by. You are such a plump chubby baby. You are starting to scoot yourself around which really scares Mommy!  I cannot wait to get your stats at your appointment on Tuesday :)  You have figured out at your young age that you like dresses and skirts more than pants. How do I know this? You poop on your outfits every time we put you in jeans or capris!  You are a chatter box with your cooing and giggling.  You love your brothers and Dominic is the first one to make you belly laugh.  You watch them play and love to be in your exersaucer. 

 You are always smiling!
 On the out world. Watch out big brothers ;)
 Mover and shaker....
 First bite of fruit....yummy bananas!
 You always are noming on your hands and fingers.
You like food....can you tell by the cheeks?!

I am so lucky and blessed to be your Mommy. You are simply beautiful and such a perfect little girl. XOXO

Friday, August 12, 2011

A big week

This past week has been milestones galore!

Logan started going on the POTTY on Sunday 8.7.11! We are not forcing him, just asking. If he says No then we do not put him on it. He has been interested for a few weeks but I was brushing it off. Thinking that he just could not be ready yet! Then he started asking to go on the potty and taking his diaper off. So I thought, well he is :) He has gone a couple times. He wakes up in the morning and even from naps asking for the potty. All good signs :)  We bought him a second potty chair since we have 2 bathrooms. He has done wonderful and I know it will be MONTHS before he is potty trained. But for now, I am thankful to have a not even 2 year old boy who goes like a big boy!

Charlotte started rolling over from her back to her belly on Sunday 8.7.11. If that was not grand enough, she started rolling from her belly to her back on 8.9.11!  My little sweet baby is a roller. A rolly polly roller. The little cutie does it in her sleep and then gets mad and wakes up screaming. It is adorable, funny and oh so tiring!  My baby is just growing so fast. I need a pause button, please.

My husband turned 30! THE BIG 30! He can no longer say to me that he is in the under 30 crowd ;)

How has the week gone for you?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Living Treasure

Since we did not do a big family vacation this year, we have been doing some little things on the weekends to keep the kids busy!  This past Saturday we enjoyed a day at Living Treasures with my cousins Amanda/Ethan (her friends Darlene/Ivy/Leo) and my friends Katie/Brianna.  We were late arriving thanks to a super fussy baby and a GPS that did not like the address, heh.

The kids had a blast watching the animals and feeding them.  Everyone came out without getting bitten and without tears of fear!

Then they enjoyed the tire swings for awhile before we headed out to lunch. (These also happen to be my favorite shots!)

We had a great time and are looking forward to our next outing!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Dominic has had a few funny and memorable sayings over the years.  This past week has brought me to reminisce over them.  Laugh out loud at them. And now, share them!

Just this week....  My Mom and I were discussing what to smoke for Gary's birthday party next weekend.  Dominic over heard us talking and he chimed in: "Mom, do you mean what type of weed to smoke? Because if you do then I am going to call the cops and have you put in jail." Well then, okay! I had to explain that Nana and I were talking about what type of MEAT to smoke in the SMOKER.  And apparently, just because I am his Mom does not mean that I get a free pass with him either.  Also, school is very up on teaching the kids what drugs are and the many types too.  So I need to stay on the straight and narrow around that one, I guess ;)

When Dom was about 4 years old, we were at Aunt Kathy and Uncle Dave's house.  The party was in full swing and the kids were getting wild.  Noel and Dom were running around.  "Noel fell, but there is N-O-O-O blood" *hands going out to the side like he was calling safe at a baseball game. This one is a classic in our house!

When Dom was about 5 years old he decided to let everyone know "I like to party naked" OKAY THEN! Not really sure where he got that from cause Gary and I would much rather not party with our clothes off. Heh.

Gary and I did not get married until Dom was 6 years old.  The whole time we were planning our wedding he would say "We are getting married." (as in all 3 of us were getting hitched!)

When Dom was 2, our niece was born.  He over heard us say that my sister in law had a C-section and they cut her belly open to get out the baby.  He thought that all babies come out of the belly button from that conversation.  I wasn't really sure how to tell him they didn't!  Right before we had Logan, we were watching the show 'I didn't know I was Pregnant.' Many, many of the parts show women having babies into toilets. He then thought that women "poop them out."  I win at baby delivery talk with my kids, apparently.

When we went to the zoo at the beginning of the summer, we saw some very frisky animals.  We laughed and thought nothing of it.  Till we hear "Eww, they are humping." Out of our 9 year olds mouth. For real. We did not teach him that, have no idea where he got that from and were very surprised that he knew what they were doing. 

When Dom was 4, he was drawing pictures.  He drew one for my Aunt to hang up at work. He gave her the picture and proudly said "It's my penis." And she proudly hung it up for all to see.

These are just a few of my favorite funny things. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Domino Effect

Whoa. You. Guys.
My husband broke our bathroom window a few weeks back.  It was comical and we thought 'oh well, we need new windows anyway.' Little did we know what was going to come of that little broken window.
After much thought, we realized that we cannot get new windows without demoing the bathroom tub tile. We cant really demo part of the tub tile and leaving it like that. So one lead to another and into.....well A LOT of things in a Domino effect. Here is a pic of part of our bathroom:
We started out thinking with doing our own labor, that we could remodel the bathroom for around $2,500 dollars. Well, not so much there. It has practically doubled in cost.  We thought we could get windows for around the same price, not a chance of that. It also doubled in price.  Our little broken window has turned into a $10,000 project. It. Is. Ridiculous. Seriously.
Gary has been working all week on demo. It is finally almost done. He had mutliple bumps along the way.  Almost falling through the floor a few times, 2 ant farms living in the wall (which by the way we do not have ants in the house) and finding 1.5 inches of concrete all the way around the room.  Tomorrow he should be able to do all the repairs and get the sub-floor put down.  Then he can continue on with installing the insulation and dry wall/concrete board and the tub. Then we get to paint, lay the marble, insert the toilet (yay for no more smashed baby fingers with slow closing lid), vanity, mirror, and cabinet.  Last but not least will be installing the wainscoting, fixtures, accessories and the lights.  Hopefully, all before Gary's 30th Birthday party next Saturday. Hopefully. Wait, did I say hopefully?!
These are both projects that needed done. Just did not want to do it 3 months after having another baby. 2 in diapers. 1 with formula. 2 in daycare. Guys, kids are expensive. Heh. With the bathroom being done, that leaves us to hopefully get the hard wood refinished next year. Then the kitchen remodeled. Along with the landscaping and other minor things needing done, we will have a completely remodeled house. Then we sell for a profit and move on to the dream home...or so we hope ;)