Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer lovin...had me a blast

Summer is in full swing in our house. There is very little down time! I know I have neglected the good ol' blog lately and I am sorry! (so much going on around here that I just have not had the time to blog the ten million things I want to say) I will continue my quiet streak and just do a photo dump of the fun we have been having with our friends.

Swimming at our friends

A trip to the zoo with our Mommy group

Deer Lakes spray park with Mommy group

It has been a blast so far. Gary and I also went to NYC with our friends last weekend and I will post about that soon.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Ice Cream Parlor

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

What is a Father?

*Someone who guides you
*Someone who cares for you
*Someone who helps you
*Someone who teaches you
*Someone who is always there for you
*Someone who corrects you when needed
*Someone who strives to give you what they never had

A Father is and always will be a rock in your life. You may not know or appreciate things while you are small, but you will grow up to realize exactly what he was doing for you! A Father is someone who loves you through it all and would not change you for anything.

Have you thanked your Father today for all the awesome that he brings?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

dentistmelsbbutton Saturday Top Five Laughs  Come join our Blog Hop!

Hard to believe that another week has gone by. Time really flies when you constantly busy!

5. Logan has decided that all girls have "gah-eye-nah pee-niss'" (I seriously have no idea where he gets this stuff from)

4. The kids new music obsession is One Direction. Dom plays their music all the time. Logan asks to watch them on You Tube 24/7. When I put it on, he sings the song. Adorable. Charlie, no matter what she is doing, drops everything and starts dancing. If she is standing, she sways her hips and head from side to side. If she is holing onto something, she puts one hand up the air to raise the roof. If she is on the floor, she gets on her knees and bounces around the room.

3. Charlie is using forks and spoons like a champ. If I forget to give her one, she looks at the drawer and points. Screeches. And scream-grunts at me to get it.

2. Charlie is in full pretend mode already. She puts the remotes or any phone up to her ear and says "hah" (which is her hi!)

1. When Logan wakes up in the morning, he runs to Charlie and hugs her. "Hi baby girl, I lub you!" And when we get home from somewhere, he greets Libby very similar. "Hi baby girl, we home. It's allyite baby girl."

Thursday, June 14, 2012

DC Disaster

I told you all about our lovely trip to the beach. Upon leaving the beach, we headed down to Washington DC to do some sight seeing for 2 days. Disaster is one word that sums up that part of the trip.

It all started when we were packing the SUVs back up on Friday morning. There was a glass bottle of captain on the table in a bag. Mr I get into everything (aka Logan) grabbed the bottle out of the bag. And dropped it at his feet. Shattering it. Thank goodness it did not hit his feet and he never even got a cut from it. However, he did spill an entire bottle that I had only had 2 drinks from. That makes me sad. Very very sad.
We continued on and checked out of the beach house and headed down to our hotel. We stayed at a Hilton and had 2 king size suites. Complete with kitchenettes. They were lovely. Comfy. Clean. Wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, that we decided to stay in on Friday. No sight seeing. Just ordered in food, swam in the pool and relaxed! It was wonderful.
On Saturday, we got up and ate our continental breakfast and packed the car. We headed out to see the sights. We realized once we were in the heart of DC that there was a girl scout event going on and there were thousands upon thousands of girls. Everywhere. No where to park. No way to get out of our car. So we just drove around to see the sights.
Our only good picture from DC

We were on our way to see The White House. Logan was chugging a flavored water. He started gagging and throwing up. Multiple times. We were completely stuck in traffic with no where to pull off. It took us almost an hour before being able to get out of traffic and find a gas station to clean him up at. We threw away his clothes. Had to pack his car seat cover in a garbage bag so it could be cleaned. I felt so sick from the whole experience. My poor brother (who has no kids and has never dealt with anyone sick before) was in the back with him. I am very proud of my brother, he kept his cool and did not get sick.
After getting everything cleaned up, we got back in the car and decided to head home. It was a long drive because we were all tired and kind of sick of being around everyone else. It was a not so great way to end our vacation. But we laugh about it already!

Has anyone else have had an experience like this one? Add a link below to share your story.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Schools out for S-U-M-M-E-R

Dominic finished school a couple days early since we went on vacation during the last week. Since I lost my marbles am always busy, I neglected to take a picture of the actual last day he attended :(

Dom graduated from 4th grade. He had achieved so many goals. Is reading above his grade level. Got nearly straight A's all 4 semesters. Had tons of compliments from his 2 teachers and a teacher's helper. (he had to have someone write for him for testing when he fractured his elbow)
I could not be more proud. And sad. And in complete disbelief that he is a tween. He is no longer in the little kids schools. He is moving up to the pre-junior high school. How in the world is he this old?! How is he this grown up?! Wasn't he JUST BORN?

He went from a cute chubby cheeker little man....

Dominic first day of 4th grade. 9 years old.

To a very handsome, slim preteen guy....

Last day of Fourth grade, spent at the beach!

Monday, June 11, 2012

If you wish upon a wave

As you all know, we had our first big family vacation last week. We went to Dewey Delaware (and 3 other beaches!) and Washington DC! The five of us and Libby. My Mom with her 2 Yorkies. My Brother. My Sister and her boyfriend. It was not relaxing at all. Really, could you relax with 9 people and 3 dogs? It was FUN and exciting. And exhausting. It was adventurous. I LOVED IT!

Day 1-
We packed the car up at 3:30 am on Sunday June 3rd and headed out! 7 people and 3 dogs in my SUV makes for some cramped quarters but we made it work. The drive out went smooth, I was relieved.

We stopped at a local farm for some fruit and veggies. I put the bag beside Charlie's car seat and did not think anything of it. 5 minutes later, we hear Dom laughing and saying "Ah Charlie!" She had grabbed two peaches out and was eating them. That kid, too much I tell ya!

We arrived at 11:30 am and checked into our beach house. 5 bedroom but only 1.5 baths. The kitchen and living room were an open floor plan, which worked out. The spiral stairs were a bit much to with the 2 toddlers and 3 dogs, so glad I brought a baby gate!

After unpacking, we headed to the beach for a bit so the kids could play. Logan was cracking us up. Every time a wave came in "It coming, RUN!" Charlie cried the whole time she was in the sand. Dominic went in but the waves were rough so he stayed close to shore. We went to the board walk after dinner for the kids to ride rides at Funland. It was awesome!

Day 2-
My littles were up at FIVE THIRTY am. They obviously did not get the memo that this was vacation, heh. We spent the day on the beach and the night at Funland. It was cold in the evening and I was wishing that I had packed myself a sweatshirt!

Day 3-
Kids were up again at 5:30. *yawn* We headed to Assateaque Island to see the wild horses. On the way home, we stopped in Ocean City, Maryland for the afternoon. I have never been on a vacation where we visited 4 different beaches in two days until now! Adventure was the word.

Day 4-
Kids slept until 6 am, WAHOOO. Not We went back to the beach for the day. The kids played hard. It was a great time. Sand. Water. "Baketball on a string" (according to Logan) Funland in the evening had become our thing to do with the kids. Rides and games in one place, score! Dominic used all of his tickets to get Logan the other 2 Yo Gabba Gabba stuffed animals that he was missing. That boy is awesome and has a great heart. Very proud of him!

Day 5-
Today was our anniversary of four years. We went to the boardwalk to shop for the day. My brother had a great idea of going to Creative Creations to allow the boys to paint a ceramic piece as a souvenir. Dominic picked a dragon and Logan picked a robot and a dinosaur. (Dominic's was a pretty big piece and Logan was done with his robot in about 10 minutes, giving him time to do another)  Gary and I went out for drinks that night to celebrate, took a walk on the beach and reminisced our honeymoon beach vacation. All and all a great day.

Day 6-
We had a photo shoot at the beach. Dom did wonderful. The littles were a bit difficult. Have you ever tried to get 3 kids to smile, look at the camera and pay attention at the same time? It is hard work. We packed up and left the beach to go to Washington DC. Separate post for that part of the vacation :)

We had a great week. A week of fun. A week of craziness. A week of new. A week of memories.