Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Drive Threw

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday

Time to link up with Kelly, Megan and Lindsay
for Trendy Tot Tuesday!
Hard to believe it is the end of July and is so chilly outside. In Pittsburgh it has been in the 50's when we wake up!
Dress: Gap
Leggings: Gap
Shoulder Shrug: Gap
Headband: Jameson Monroe
(this is one of my all time FAVORITE outfits!)

Shirt: The Children's Place
Shorts: Arizona (JcPenney)

Shirt: Gymboree
Shorts: Gymboree
(also one of my favorite outfits of Doms!)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Sesame Place Giveaway from Our Journey as Rookie Parents

Do you want  to go see Elmo? Do you want to ride all the rides? Do you want to float down a lazy river? DO YOU want to do that for free?! WIN a Sesame Place family four pack!

Head on over to my IRL friend Amy's blog for a chance to win. Our Journey as Rookie Parents is one of my daily reads. Stop by, say hello and tell her I sent you! Read all about her adorable daughter V, their adventures in parenting and the fun they have!

Photo credit - Amy

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday

Time to link up with Kelly, Megan and Lindsay
for Trendy Tot Tuesday!
This week is all about Charlie again, the boys have been protesting pictures a lot lately. 
 Dress: Gymboree
Hair Bow: Gymboree
Shoes: TJ Maxx

Hair Bow: Gymboree
Shoes: Old Navy

Dress: 77 kids
Hair Bow: Gymboree
Shoes: TJ Maxx

Monday, July 22, 2013

Life Over Here

Summer is flying by! We are attempting to do as much as we can as a family. We want the kids to enjoy life and make lots of memories. So far we have had a great summer.

*Wednesday was so hot that we did not want to cook, so we picked up take out and went to a local park, allowing the kids to run off some energy. We only stayed for an hour because the kids were soaked. We got a huge storm in the late afternoon which busted our tv in the living room. (we did not even notice until Thursday because we went out and the kids went to bed after their bath, no one turned on the tv until Thursday!)

*Thursday I was going to take my kids to a local splash pad, however it was SO HOT so we just ran threw our sprinklers here. After Gary was done with work, we went out and bought a new tv.

*Friday night we took the two little ones to the drive in theater. Their first experience at a movie outside the house and at the drive in. Charlie only lasted 1/4 of the way through Turbo (the first movie). Logan lasted for both movies and fell asleep on the drive home at 1 am! Dominic spent the night at his Aunts and future Uncles new apartment. 

*Saturday was supposed to be our trip to Idlewild, however, it was supposed to storm. So we decided to reschedule for August and go to a local bounce house place. The kids had a BLAST! They were so tired that we decided on a family movie night at home, where the kids passed out on Daddy by 8pm. (oh and they slept 13 hours, SCORE!)

*With summer vacation already more than half over, I started thinking about the fall and back to school. Tonight I am going to go in Dom's closet and get rid of all his clothes that no longer fit or have stains on them. The first weekend in August is when we head to the outlets for back to school shopping. I can hardly believe it is almost that time. (WHY do summers fly by yet winter lasts FOREVER?)

*We are thinking of signing Logan up for soccer for the fall and staring Charlie in Gymnastics. Dom wants to try basket ball this winter too. (he has done baseball and football but neither one made him want to give the 110% it takes, let's hope this sport does it for him) I think it is important for kids to be involved in things.  Looks like we could have a very full schedule this school year! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Saying goodbye to a habit

Since the last week of June, Charlie only woke up in the morning wet once. And she actually woke up dry but I was trying to change her for daycare and she had an accident as I was trying to get her up and ready.

So on Monday night, I decided to put her to bed in undies. She kept getting a rash from the pull ups. (she has very sensitive skin) To our delight, she woke up dry in her undies. *happy dance*
On Tuesday night, she woke up about 2 hours after going to bed to go potty. So we know she is completely done and fully trained. I get to say goodbye to that habit of buying pull ups every single month. Hello pay raise! *w00t w00t* 

My boys were very easy potty trainers too, but she has been the easiest. And the quickest to go at night without an accident. I am so pleased. 

I have a lot of people asking how we did it. Honestly, naked training worked in about 3 days. And she was ready to do it, we only introduced the potty at 18 months before her baths and by 20 months she was ready to give it a go during the day. It took 6 months for her to be fully trained during the day and night. So my advise is wait until they are ready and go with a bare bottom!

Our next challenge is getting her back to sleeping through the night in her own bed. (cause man I am tired...vacation broke her!) I guess it is always something, right?! We have to continually teach our kids, redirect them and take the next steps to making them grown ups!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Worldess Wednesday - Pole Dancing

As promised! These two are too much! Photo credit : Stef Than you for capturing this!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday

Guest Hosting Today for Trendy Tot Tuesday!!

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This week is all about our vacation style. Just about everything is from Old Navy. I figured it went with the beach theme. Last year we went with white and khaki, this year was blue and white! 

Shirt: Old Navy
Shorts: Old Navy

Shirt: Old Navy
Shorts: Old Navy

Dress: Old Navy
Hair Bow: Gymboree

 There is a giveaway up on their blogs, go check it out!

You can also use the code below if you are interested in shopping right away! :) Check out Kelly's blog to see Miss G in her Anchor & Bows Boutique apparel!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

'This is our someday'

Last night we took Dominic and Logan to their first ever concert! Dom is 11 but every person he has ever wanted to see had too many songs that he was not allowed to listen to. Or the price was WAY too much for a young kid. So when I saw Big Time Rush was coming to First Niagara Pavilion, I said Yes! Let's do this thing!

My kids have been watching their show and Victorious (Victoria Justice also performed) so they were excited to see them sing.

We were sitting on the lawn and the boys were having a hard time seeing Victoria sing. Soon we saw a big group of people who were sitting in front of us go into the pavilion. Gary had said that they give tickets to sit inside after the show starts to people in the lawn seats. So we went up and got GREAT SEATS! We finished watching her sing in the pavilion and saw Big Time Rush. 

We did not stay for the last few songs, Logan was fading fast at 10 pm. So we headed out and drove to my Moms to pick up Charlie. By the time we got home, it was after 11. The kids were getting crabby. Logan fell asleep in 3 seconds flat.

Notice the bruises and bloody marks on the bottom lip, put his teeth through during the afternoon. Poor kid!

Everyone had a great time and the boys loved seeing a concert. I am glad that we are able to do all the things that we do as a family. We want to give our kids everything that we can and the memories to last forever!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Celebrating America

On the 4th of July, we headed to Stef's MIL's for a picnic. The kids had fun playing with their friends while the Moms chatted and the Dads played corn hole! This is the second year that we went and so glad we did. Always good to laugh.  (and of course I forgot my camera so sorry for the duplicate phone pics that you have already seen)

After a yummy dinner, we headed to the end of the street for the parade.

The kids had fun watching everything from the bikes to the floats! Charlie was cracking us up because every time she would get a new piece of candy thrown her way, she would give me whatever she was eating and open that piece! Dom saw a few of his friends marching, as well as Stef's oldest Dylan was in the parade with his baseball team. When one of Dom's friends marched by, Dom yelled out "Hey dude, whatcha doin?" (as 11 year olds do) The response from the boy "Your MOM!" And well, um, ah...yeah. I guess the smart ass remarks start earlier now a days!

After the parade, we headed back to the picnic for dessert and more fun. Before we knew it, it was 9 pm and time to head over to Gary's Dads to watch the Fireworks. This year everything was in honor to Stef's late father in law, who was the mayor of our town.

The kids were exhausted and someone did not even make it through the first few minutes of the fireworks.

Not sure how someone can fall asleep with all those big booms! The fireworks display was fabulous!

We had our picnic to celebrate on Sunday the 7th. It was great to have our family and friends come and enjoy the day.  The kids ran around like nuts. The dog ran back and forth barking to play with them as they ran. The adults had great conversations. Gary and I were constantly moving, visiting, cooking, cleaning and helping everyone. (so of course I took ZERO pictures because I only had about 10.2 seconds of time to sit and eat, let alone any time to take pics) The night ended with our sweet toddler girls dancing around on the flag pole in our back yard. Stef got some pics of this and I cannot wait to see them! I will have to post it as a wordless Wednesday post for you all to see!

After everyone left and our kids were in bed, it was 10 pm. Gary and I sat on our back porch, put our aching feet up and drank a beer. In the quiet. In the darkness only light by a candle. It was glorious!

We had a great couple of days celebrating America! I hope you did too.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday

Time to link up with Kelly, Megan and Lindsay
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This week is all about the 4th and red/white/blue!

 Dress: Kohls
Hair Bows: Gymboree
Shoes: JcPenney

 Shirt: The Childrens Place
Shorts: Arizona
Shoes: Old Navy

 Shirt: Kohls
Shorts: Nike
Shoes: Avia

Bonus Adorableness of Charlie and Logan
Shirt: Jumping Beans
Shorts: Jumping Beans
Hat: Kohls (her big brother Dom's)
Shirt: The Childrens Place
Shorts: Old Navy

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday Top Five Laughs

Another week has flown by, I cannot believe that it is already July!

dentistmelsbbutton Saturdays Top Five Laughs  Come Join Our Blog Hop!

5. When Charlie does not want to hear what you have to say, she tells you "Shush you mouf!"

4. Logan lasted about 3 minutes into the fireworks before falling asleep. 

3. It was raining right before the fireworks and Logan complained he was cold, Charlie gave him her beloved blanket to make him better. 

2. Logan was jumping on the couch and did a back flip. Falling off and hitting the chair that had my lap top on it. he now has a line bruise across his back. "That not apost to happen!" he said. 

1. Dominic was tickling Logan and telling him to say things to make him stop. D- Say you love me. L- I love you. D- Say you are awesome. L- I'm awesome! 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Potty Training Bear

In January, Charlie decided it was time to start potty training. We were in no hurry to have her trained. She is our last baby. I wanted to hold onto it for just a bit longer since 20 months is still a baby!

Since then, she has been in undies at home. She would still have an accident on occasion but she went on her potty chair almost every day! However, Ms Stubborn wanted nothing to do with going anywhere other than here. She refused to sit on the potty at daycare and at relatives/friend's houses. So we just went with the flow and had her in pull ups.

Then in late June, she said "No fank you pull ups. I want undies." (when we tried to change her into a pull up for nap) And so it began.... Charlie finished potty training herself!

She wore undies at nap time for 4 days straight. She did not fuss when we put her in a pull up to go out of the house or at bedtime. Then she started to not want to wear them when we were out. So we tried it on a Saturday while we were out and about and attending a birthday party. She stayed dry! It was AWESOME!!  Then we left for vacation and I just knew we would come home with a fully trained little girl. And guess what? I was RIGHT!

We drove in the care for 8 hours, threw the night. Charlie woke up and went on the potty at every rest station we went to. She was dry the whole time. She wore her bathing suit for the rest of the day at the beach and stayed dry there too. When she woke up the next morning, her pull up was dry over night. We decided to take her out in undies the next day while we were on the boardwalk. Again, she stayed dry. And she only had one accident as she couldn't get to her potty chair quick enough.

While in traffic and she had to go, she held it. She held it every single night. We are in awe at how easy she did it. It was light a switch that she turned in her own head. BAM trained. (She has only had one morning with a wet pull up in 1.5 weeks)

We are so proud of her. This girl knows what she wants, when she wants it. It was her time to train and we went with it. She is growing up so fast and nothing is holding her back. I get teary eyes just thinking about how much she has changed in the last few months. Our last baby is no longer a baby at all. *sob*

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday


Linking up with Megan, Lindsey and Kelly for Trendy Tot Tuesday! I have missed seeing all the adorable tots during my absence. 

Bathing Suit Edition:
 Rash Guard: Arizona (JcPenney)
Swim Shorts: Arizona (JcPenney)

 Tankini: Arizona (JcPenney)
Sun Hat: Arizona (JcPenney)
Puddle Jumper: Target

Swim Suit: The Gap