Saturday, May 26, 2012

We got slammed...

With the never ending super flu bug.


It started on Wednesday. Charlie was super cranky all day and I assumed it was teeth. My mother in law gave her a big bowl of ice cream and after being outside about 10 minutes, she threw it up. I assumed it was a fluke. She had never had that much ice cream before. She wanted a drink and a snack after bathing off the yuckies. We were having guests over for dinner and I thought nothing of it. That is, until she threw it up too! CRAP!

We warned our friends that she had just gotten sick and probably caught a bug from daycare. They decided to come in for dinner but not stay too long so that we could care for our sick little one. It was a rough night for her.

However, she was thirsty when she woke up on Thursday. Great sign! She drank pedialite and had some cheerios. Then got sick again. So we kept her hydrated with pedialite and she was not sick again, just very tired. She slept through the night but I again did not. Dominic had come down with the bug. 2 kids down for the count. Dominic was very upset as he was suppose to go to camp with my Mom. He was so very bummed.

Friday came and Charlie acted normal again but still sleepy. Dominic slept for 24 hours straight (other than when he was sick). He drank some water and appeared to be getting better. She ate a bit but not as much as usual. Gary took Logan to his Moms with him to fix her lawn mower. The poor kid got sick 4 times in the 45 minutes they were gone. He was down for the count too. All 3 kids sick. Holy mother of laundry, diapers and cleaning up all the things. Very rough night on all of us, especially when Gary came down with it to.

That left me to tend to all 4 of them and their needs. Fortunately by mid day on Saturday, Dominic was back to normal and the kids were starting to hold down cheerios and water. Gary had to take some medicine to prevent him from getting sick because he was clearly dehydrated. Dominic and I ran to the store to buy Gatorade. I am so tired. Drained from the mental aspect of dealing with all the sick. Drained physically from no sleep for 3 days. I was so happy by this evening when all 3 kids were in bed.  I am currently cuddled up in bed, alone. I WILL sleep tonight or I may have permanent black rings around my eyes.

How does everyone else deal with an entire family who is sick? Do you find yourself crying and losing your mind a bit like me?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

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5. My mother in law was correcting Logan. He was not having it. "Oh whatever Gaga!" (complete with hand in the air)

4. Charlie is slowly but steadily showing us that she can very well walk. She was playing with toys, had one foot planted and pivoted with the other. Once she went the whole way around in a circle, she took a few steps and continued to play. It was adorable!

3. Gary and Logan's conversation: "Eww, did you poop?" "Uh nope." "Are you lying to me?" "Uh, yep!"

2. All 3 kids have the stomach flu. It sucks. Big time. While Logan was getting sick for the 11 billionth time, he cried out "I don't like." 

1. Logan ripped off his diaper. He began dancing around the living room naked. After several minutes of singing and dancing and jumping on his sister, he sat down to watch a show. Mind you, the kid was still naked. We look over (his back toward us) and see his hands moving. Gary "Logan, what are you playing with?" Logan "My penis!"

Monday, May 21, 2012

Saturday Craziness

Over the weekend, we ended up in the local ER with Logan. It was anxiety inducing. It caused many new gray hairs. However, he is FINE. We lucked out. Obviously God was watching over him. And my Dad had a hand in it too, I am sure of that.

It started as a typical Saturday with chores, play time and naps. Then we went to pick up one of Dominic's friends who was spending the night. Gary was gone for the day with is friends. We were invited to have pizza and a water balloon battle at our friends house. Awesome, that was where Gary was anyway. We would just meet him there and have a relaxing evening.

Dinner was done. The kids played with water balloons. The guys built a fire. I was inside with Logan and Charlie. He was standing at the door watching the kids throw those noise makers at the ground. It was a great summer evening. I sat back down on the couch, grabbed something for Charlie. Was looking up the name of the hotel for when we go to DC in a couple weeks. Logan came over to me holding a medication box (the Monday threw Friday kind that was not child proof) and he had something white in his mouth.

"Logan what are you eating. OMG. Spit it out. *reaching in and doing the swoop to remove all items in his mouth. running to the sink to rinse his mouth out* What was in the box?" Turns out it was an SSRI medication. Our friend's husband called poison control. Because we were not sure if he ate 1 or 2 of the pills and he is so tiny weight wise, they told us to take him to the ER.

We packed him and Charlotte up. Our friend stayed with the older kids while our other friend came with us. I called my Mom and dropped Charlie off to her at 9:00 pm. We headed to the closest ER and poison control had called them and advised them of us coming.

Logan was acting completely normal. No dilation of his pupils.  No weird movements of his muscles. No drunk type appearance like I assumed he would get. All his vitals were normal. We sat in the room waiting for the Dr...for well over an hour and half. I knew in my gut that he was fine. They would not leave a 2 year old who could have been poisoned in a room for that long without being addressed. 

The Dr came in. He was laughing with us. Telling us how this would never have happened with the first kid because you are on them like white on rice. He joked how their 2 year old is watched by their 4 year old and the 7 year old does her own thing. LOL Really the truth is, you just do not think about this kind of stuff when you are at someone else's house! It is all put away at our house and if you do not have small children then you just do not think about leaving on the table/counter. The Dr even told us that when poison control called, he thought they meant that he had swallowed birth control pills and not an SSRI. The medications are very similar in name and he thought to himself, "Aw he is fine. Birth control will not harm anyone!" 

So after 2 long hours in the ER, we were sent home. Turns out that Logan had really only gotten about a half of one pill since I scooped out what was in his mouth!

I have guilt about not keeping my eyes on him every single second. My dear friend is beating herself up over the situation. I am sure my husband feels guilty for leaving me with both little ones while he played with fire. But the truth of the matter is that kids are kids. Accidents happen. We cannot watch them like hawks 24/7. 

I have said it since Logan was small. He is the one that gives me gray hair. He is the one that induces so much anxiety with all of his shenanigans. He will be the one that gives me the most run for my money.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

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5. Gary farted and Charlie said “ewww” plain as day!
4. Logan saw Iron Man shoes in the new Parents magazine. As soon as I got home, “Mama I want Iron Man shoe. We go buy em?”
3. Logan came running out of my room screaming “I cared. I cared. Dah chickmonk gonna get me. It in Daddy wroom. Get it!”  
2. Charlie was eating yogurt. It was all down her bib. She proceeded to lick it off the bib, her hand and her plate.
1. Gary and Logan were giving each other high fives. Then Logan hit Gary in the face and said “cheek five!”

**An extra cute tidbit Logan “Charlie, you be a nice ew me? We cwallar agether? A be nice!” This kid, I love him to pieces!!!**

Monday, May 14, 2012

Celebrate Mommyhood

Mother's day usually involves us entertaining and cooking out. This year we wanted to change it up a bit and take our Moms to the Zoo instead. However, Dominic came down with a severe case of poison oak/ivy and we had to postpone our plans.

The day started out as normal. The little ones woke up early and we all snuggled in bed and relaxed for a bit. I then stayed in bed while my husband changed their diapers and made breakfast! (Pancakes, sausage and fruit)

I got up after watching some HGTV in the quiet to my breakfast ready to go, complete with coffee! Hubs man, the guy gets it. Caffeine is vital in the am. Dominic gave me the gifts that he had made at school. Gary and the little kids had gotten me a micro-usb drive for my car. I had also picked out furniture for our front porch but realized it was not what I wanted, so they are going back.

After breakfast, I relaxed on the couch and watch the lil ones play. Before I knew it, it was lunch and nap time. My Mom stopped over to do some laundry (her washer decided to die on Mother's day, boo!) and we gave her the gifts that we had gotten for her.

Gary and I decided to organize and clean out. We did all the cabinets, hall closet, boys closet and drawers. We threw away 2 garbage bags of "junk" and had one bag for Goodwill. If you know know that I LOVE to organize. So this was pretty much an awesome.

I did not cook one meal. Gary did it all. We stayed in pajamas. I got lots of hugs and kisses. I did not get a picture of me and the kids though. Fancy going out meals are a thing of the past for Mother's Day for me! I will take the quiet and non-people clustered everything and just be with the ones I love.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

5. Dominic got poison ivy all over his right eye. It is pretty much swollen shut and he told me "Mom, I look like hunch back. Pretty sure I am not attractive right now, but do you still love me? I mean, would you love me anyway if I looked like this all the time?" Oy-vey kid! I had to ensure him that I will always love him and that my kids are the best looking ones around because they are mine. (not really a funny story but had to be told!)

4. Charlie is now pointing at whatever she wants and grunting. Then screams if you do not give it to her. Not sure when she will ask for things with words. Until then, the pointing and grunts are funny!

3. We were driving in the car, Charlie was screaming. Crying fits that would not stop. Logan looked at her out of the corner of his eye (almost like the stink eye) in a very serious annoyed tone and said "For gawsh sakes Charlie! Calm down. It's OK!" And then Gary and I died from laughter.

2. Logan and Charlie take a bath together each night. They love to play and splash. Each of them stand up and jump down and giggle. When Charlie stood up to do it, Logan said "Ah Charlie bum!" and proceeded to pat it.

1. Logan was up really early. He took off his diaper, sat down on his potty chair and said "It got to do it!" And, and, and....HE FARTED. That is it. No potty going. Just being plain silly Logan.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Swinging Blankie

Canvas Prints Giveaway

I love love LOVE pictures. I am sure that you all have realized that through my posts! I have a few picture walls in my home. Pictures of my kids make me happy, smile and beam with joy.

When I was contacted by Easy Canvas Prints about doing a giveaway, I jumped at the chance!

Not only do they do photos to canvas, but they also have some fabulous canvas art.
I browsed their website and picked a few of my favorite pieces:

These prints are fabulous, no?! For me, I would put the first one in my kitchen. It would look perfect with the bold colors of my dinner ware. The second one, I would hang by my desk. The last one would look great in our new bathroom, you know, when we actually finish it!

For the picture to canvas option, I will be using one of the pictures from our upcoming beach trip. I will be taking tons of pictures, of course, hoping to get one of the kids in all white/beige. Wouldn't it be perfect if they were sitting and looking at the sunset?

The pricing varies with the sizes. Ranges of 8x8 for $29.99 to 30x40 for $130.87.

The possibilities are endless with Photos on Canvas!

For my readers, Easy Photo Prints has offered a promo code and free shipping code for one of you lucky individuals! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Five Year Fiesta

Cinco de Mayo is an important holiday in our house. Gary and I have several special events and memories from this day! Yesterday marked the 5th year since we threw a big party and I unknowingly planned my own engagement shindig!

5 years ago, Gary and I were busy planning a huge Cinco de Mayo party with our family and close friends. Everything was Gary's idea and I helped with all the details, cooked the food, set up and entertained a nice size crowd.

After dinner, Gary and I were holding up the pinata as he gave a speech about the history behind this holiday. He then pulled a ring from his pocket, got down on one knee and purposed in front of everyone. (My family already knew because he had gone to my Dad and Mom and asked for permission!) I stood there, pretty much shaking and said yes. We talked about getting engaged, knew what the plan was for the wedding but I had no idea how or when he would purpose. It was the sweetest and most romantic thing.

Yesterday, we had many of the same friends and family here at our home to celebrate the 5 year milestone. {now for those of you counting years, yes we have a 10 year old and we had been together on and off for 8 years prior to the engagement} Gary and I have had the same close knit group of friends for a long long long time. We have added to the group, we have subtracted some who have moved away (even though they will always be close to us in our hearts) and we will always love them! It was great to celebrate with them 5 years ago and again yesterday.

We had lots of food. It was all delicious. We had traditional music. We had a pinata for the kids. We had drinks galore. It.Was.Awesome!

The kids enjoyed running all day and well into the night. A few kids stayed and slept over, some were even up watching scary movies until 3am! It was a wonderful day spent with wonderful people!