Friday, December 30, 2011

Satruday's Top Five Laughs


I cannot believe that this is the LAST top five for 2011! I hope 2012 is as funny as 2011. Happy New Year from my fun lovin family to yours :)

5. While opening Christmas presents, Logan would get all wide eyed. Mouth open. Looking at the present. “Wow. Mama yook. My pessant. Open it. I play.” EVERY SINGLE GIFT!
4. Dominic was opening his netbook. We played a trick on him. It was wrapped inside 2 diaper boxes. He opened the first Huggies box and looked at us in disbelief.  He then figured out what was going on. “Oh you….this trick, really?” Then opened the next diaper box and got to his box. And it was a plain brown box. Confused again, he looked at us and said “What is this?” Finally, after awhile of looking at it, he got it open and his face was PURE JOY!  *Ah love to play little jokes on my kids*
3. Charlie likes to make sounds. She smiles and puts her lips together. “pppppfffffffffffhhhhh” Like she is blowing out a candle.
2. Logan started to play hide and seek recently. He runs to the corner. Starts counting “1…2…3…” then turns around
 with his hands over his eyes.  He pulls them off really quick and says “I found me!” If you do not play along with him he looks at you with a pouty face and says “Ah whats da point?” bwahaha. This kid. He kills me.
1. Charlie’s new thing is to bounce up and down while she is sitting. This makes her scoot around on the hardwood floor on her butt. She gets a huge smile on her face and giggles in delight. I should put a swiffer duster on her rear and put that girl to work!

And for your laughing pleasure….an extra one to bring in the New Year! Logan was licking an ice cube, looked up at us and said “Wow, dis is petty good!”

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Christmas Choas

Okay, so not so wordless because I am a rebel. I break rules you guys.

We had a great Christmas. It is busy, always has been, now with 3 kids it is crazier than ever!

Family. Crazy. Fun. Exhausting. Exciting. Paper flying. Paper being eaten. Kids melting down from the tired. Giggles. Tears. Doggie smooches. Kisses. Hugs. Lots of "WOW" and "Oooo" "Ahhhhh" and "more pezents." 

I hope everyone's Christmas was as memorable as ours!! (Will post Christmas Eve pics when I get them off the camcorder!)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Satruday's Top Five Laughs


Welcome to another addition of Saturday Top Five Laughs. With last weekend being so crazy, I did not participate and am looking forward to sharing my favorite post!

5. When Logan is thinking about something, he taps his finger on his chin and says "hmmmm"
4. I put Logan in underwear to see how it would go. Just seeing his little tiny bum in "unees" made me giggle!
3. Charlie gets so proud of herself now. She can pull her self up (in her crib, on people, on the couch, the ottoman) and she gets a big grin on her chubby face. I die from the cute. I laugh when she starts to get too excited and jumps up and down....then she falls over!
2. Logan spoon fed Charlie some of his applesauce at dinner. "Yant some asslesauce baby?" He got it everywhere. He nose, her eye, his cup, the floor and a little bit in her mouth.
1. When we were at the orthopedic getting Dom's hand double checked for a fracture, the Dr said it was just bruised but he could miss gym for 2 weeks. Dom's response: "But we are only dancing in gym. I like it and I don't even need my thumb for the moves. So I won't hurt it again if I dance."