Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!

All Hallows Eve was spent carving pumpkins and making Logan's costume.  Dominic did an awesome job carving his own pumpkin this year.  He designed it all by himself and we are very proud of him.  This night also brought Logan to be awake from after midnight till 3am.  No ideas of why he was awake or what the issue was.  Gary and I only slept for a little more than 4 hours.  To make it even harder was that I take phenergan at night and it makes you walking zombie I was.  Suits the occasion I guess!

Halloween in our house was slow moving during the day.  Logan, Gary and I were trying to catch up on our much missed sleep by napping.  We finally got moving around 3 pm to get the kids ready for trick or treat. Dominic was a dead skater guy and Logan was the roaming gnome (home made by me). Everything turned out great.  Per our tradition,.we pick my Mom up and go to Jim's to trick or treat with Matt, Tina and Noel.  As the kids get older, they get quicker.  This year we hit a new record....30 minutes!  YAY for not having to stay out in the cold for 1.5 hours anymore ;)  I did notice that only half the amount of people are handing out candy now.  Not sure if it is the economy or what?  Our kids do not eat a lot of candy so it does not matter there....but Dom did notice some of the "regular" houses did not have lights on this year. The kids were loud (per the norm) but had a lot of fun running from house to house....leaving us in their DUST!

What did everyone else do this year?  Do you follow traditions? (I come from a line of traditions!!) 

Dominic, Logan and Daddy

Our Pumpkins.  Dom's is the first one and the BOO is Logans.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Planning party of 1.3

Since becoming a Mom, I have not really been a fly by the seat of your pants type person.  I like to plan, I like to know and I just like to be aware.  I am not a total stick in the mud and do accept late invites for things and do go out without having an exact plan for the day sometimes.  But, lately my planning has been horrible!  Pregnancy throws a spin on everything...including my prep and plan work.

Weekly I plan:
grocery list
parties/get togethers or outings
shopping list (bday stuff, xmas, random other crap)
bill paying

I have spreadsheets and yes I am known for them!  My Dad used to make fun of me (in a loving fatherly way) for it.  (funny little story insert moment: I had spreadsheet after spreadsheet for our wedding.  seating charts. cake. menu. guest lists. songs. everything had its place on a spreadsheet PERIOD. You have to plan when you are on a budget to have exactly what you want!  My parents gave me X amount of dollars and Gary and I had X amount of dollars and I did the best I could do with that money...thank you spreadsheets!  AND THEN THE DJ LOST HALF OF OUR MUSIC on his computer and my spreadsheets went to shit...I panicked.  Fear set eyes grew wide and my temperament changed to angry bride on a mission mode.  It was a sight to see when our entire wedding party and other close friends outside with us were running around to their cars and attempting to find a song to be announced to.  It was crazy and none of our 250 guests realized that we did NOT pick the song we got announced to) I still get picked on every now and again by my family for my spreadsheets but hey they come in handy and keep me on my toes. (Insert my cousin, Mom, Aunt and Sister here who all made fun of me for my spreadsheets for her baby shower *waves hi* but hey we got er done and it was beautifully decorated!)

So anyway....I have not been a good planner for the last 2 months.  My poor baby Logan's first birthday was all bought the night before and day of his party.  *hand on head in embarrassment*  That is so not me.  I am always partially done Christmas shopping by now and really have only a few presents bought.  I feel like a different version of the real me currently and it is weird. I have gone grocery shopping without lists, without coupons and have not planned a meal in forever.  It is nuts, crazy and expensive.  I am ready to get back to the former if I can just find the energy to be that me!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kids Korner

Logan has started to match his colors!  If he has an orange ball and you ask him to get another orange ball, he will hold up other balls to the orange one until the colors match.  Then he put them both up in the YEAH I DID IT!  Too smart...I think we are in trouble!
Dom is having a hard time with this older kid that he sits with on the bus.  So on Tuesday, he got really mad when the kid was picking on Dominic and Dom said "Hey listen my life is hard enough without you picking on Mom is pregnant, I have to watch my baby brother 24/7 and I cant handle your extra stress!" I really tried not to laugh and advised him that he does not watch his brother 24/7 to which his answer was "yes I do, your always getting sick in the bathroom." Well okay then....he has part of that right!
Logan has his eye out for cell phones all the time.  Some times when he comes up to give you a hug, he does it real quick and grabs your phone (that is sitting right next to you) and then takes off laughing along the way.  STINKER
Dominic can be the most adorable and kind boy.  So many days of me being sick makes him worry.  He went to the nurse this week and said that he needed to lay down.  He has a belly ache from worrying about his Mom.  The nurse called me to make sure everything was okay and I had explained being pregnant and having all day morning sickness.  Then when he is at home, he kisses my forehead and tells me to get better.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Apparently I was just not aware

We have been to Magee 2 times in a week....that is way too many.  They pump you full of fluids and good drugs and send you home, only to have the drugs they give you at home not work and you end up dehydrated again.

Today I found out that you can get a bladder infection when you get yourself too dehydrated.  Really? Weird and OUCH!  So today they gave me a few bags of fluid, zofran shot and then a phenergan drip.  They would not give me antibiotics for the UTI until I went home.  The Dr wanted me to hold down some food prior to taking any antibiotics and I am thankful for that.  Do not like going to the Er but thankful that I feel better when I am discharged.  However, I get very frustrated when the good meds wear off and their pharmacy pick up drugs do not work.

I am not one to love being pregnant.  I am very jealous of those who have these nice easy pregnancies...  Mine are the complete opposite of joy and awe-ness!  I get sick and it lasts all 9 months.  I figured out that if this one continues the way its going then I will have spent over 2 years of my life getting sick for pregnancy, fun right?!

Well after a 2 hour nap, I am feel good enough to actually heat up something for the boys for dinner!  Awesome, go me.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Pregnancy is something that I have experienced a lot of, especially lately!  Each one has their own story just as unique as the delivery.  Here are my stories of my boys and my current pregnancy up until my second trimester.

Dominic - my first one.  The one I thought was the hardest (until NOW).  I found out I was pregnant around 6 weeks along and could not have been more scared.  I started with morning sickness (which um lasted all day and night for the ENTIRE nine months) at around week 8.  I never really felt "ill" but more like I ate and then would just get sick.  I had lost 30 pounds...never gained any weight with him at all.  (well until I after I delivered him when my body decided to hold all calories that I consumed since it was in starvation mode for 7 months) I had what was known as hyperemesis or extreme morning sickness.  I had zero relief from it the entire pregnancy.  I was hospitalized on 2 occasions to be re-hydrated from it...not fun at all. I was even sick during delivery...yeah that is so much fun getting sick while NOT! I had to see a nutritionist who just told me to eat every hour...which made me get sick every hour (um no thanks). I tried taking my first glucose test and could not hold it down...had to go back again and do it....I passed, success!  I felt him kick for the first time during a scary movie at the was weird, cool, awesome and strange all at the same time. 

Delivery for Dominic was just like my pregnancy...not smooth at all.  I had 2 showers (one for my family and one for Gary's side of the family) and actually was in early labor during my second shower with his family.  I told no one....I didnt want a huge production or anything and I knew for a first pregnancy that it takes awhile to get everything moving along.  I was 37 weeks so no one expected me to be delivering any time soon.  We made it threw the shower with contractions around 10-15 minutes apart.  Went home...tried to go to bed.  Yeah, that did not work.  My contractions got stronger and came anywhere between 6-8 minutes apart.  Finally around 3 am we called the Dr and off we went to the hospital.  After being there, my contractions slowed back down BOO...I really did not want to go back home.  I walked and walked and then started to feel really horrid pains in my back. Um, what is that???  Back labor...or so I was told.  No longer could I walk, the pain was so bad it radiated down my legs.  They gave me pitocin which made it hurt even more...ouch!  I asked for some pain medicine (well actually an epidural and they told me no since I was only 4 cm dilated) and was given a narcotic instead. That was a big only lasted an hour, I hallucinated and then when it wore off the pain seemed to be worse then before.  I got to almost 6 cm and was given my epidural...AHH the miracle relief I was looking for!  By this time (including the labor I was in the day before) I had been in labor for 40 hours.  I was ready to be tired and just wanted to sleep.  2 hours after my epidural I felt weird and told the nurse that I wanted to was go time!  I practice pushing for an hour and then the Dr came in.  3 pushes and out came Dominic....I was in awe at the easiness that it was.  I measured big so I was told he could be 10 pounds at birth....He was perfect @ 6lb 15oz of adorableness. 1-27-02

Logan - we were trying for this pregnancy so I knew before I even missed my period that I was pregnant.  Which, I might add, made the pregnancy go sooooo slow.  We were very excited and told our family right away.  We could only celebrate so much for a short time because right after we found out about Logan, my Dad was diagnosed with terminal stage 4 cancer.  I started with morning sickness with Logan around week 6.  It was not as server as with Dominic but I did have it all 9 months.  First 5 months was all day long and then after that it was just in the morning. (oh I could totally handle that!) I did have some complications with this pregnancy as well.  I was hospitalized around week 7 for sharp abdominal pains which they could never explain.  Then I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition (nodule goiter). I then failed my first glucose test and had to take the 3 hour test...which I passed thank goodness.  I felt him moving much earlier than Dominic at around 4 months!  It was bubbles, butterfly type movement.  Awesome and strange again at the same time.  Braxton hicks started for me around month 7 with this pregnancy. To me having these made me not believe I was in labor when I really was!  On Tuesday (3 days before I delivered) I was leaking fluid...went to Magee and saw a Dr that was not mine who said it was normal stuff and to go home.  I measured 4 weeks ahead for the whole time so my Dr had a sonogram scheduled Thursday to make sure I could deliver him without a c-section.  (side note: I had back surgery 2 months before I got pregnant and should actually have waited 6 months till I full recovered before conceiving.  Everywhere you read it says can take 6-12 months to get pregnant and ours happened the FIRST try...figures, huh?!) I woke up that Thursday all what? this again...Gary said we had already been to Magee about it and we can just wait.  We had a Dr apt and the sonogram scheduled for that day and we would find out then.  So we got up, got ready, shipped Dom off to school and then headed to the sonogram.  Logan measured in at 7lb 7oz.  Okay, I am good for delivery.  We went to Eat N Park for lunch and then the mall to start Christmas Shopping...then off to the Drs.  I told the nurse all about the morning and she asked me what my contractions were at.  I said oh between 5-6 minutes...she looked at me and quietly said that she is pretty sure I am in labor and would be going to Magee after the apt.  Dr came in to see me, gave me an exam and whosh...omg what is that?! She laughed and said your water.  Am I packed and ready to go? Um yes...but HOLY CRAP I AM IN LABOR? Yikes...

Delivery for Logan was so makes me scared for the next one.  I got to the no beds...crap.  I had to sit in the lobby (on top of a stupid pad thing, yuck) and wait.  Into labor and delivery we went.  Gary was Mom was great...I was great.  They asked me if I wanted my epidural and I said nah...they dont hurt.   So I have no been in labor since 545 this am when my water first was leaking and I was only 1.5 cm dilated...CRAP!  They gave me pitocin and I waited....the contractions were now every 3-4 minutes....nurse asked me if I wanted my epidural and I said sure.  4 tries (um ouch) and  I thought I was numb.  WRONG...did not figure that out until after I was shaking like I was having a seisure and had another anes dr tell me they had to re-do it.  Another hour and 3 sticks later...AHHH.  Sitting there when your contractions are every stinking minute bent over hurts people!  After was smooth sailing...well until the Dr told me that I still was not dilating.  They put my pitocin up to the "unsafe level" according to the monitor and my Dr said that I had to start dilating.  I looked at my Mom and Gary and said, Shit wonder if she is going to make me get a C-section?   At 150 am I said to the nurse that I was in pain and needed more medicine...she looked and said..."no hun you need to push!" YAY....10 minutes of pushing and 3 pushes later, out came Logan.  7lb 8oz of perfection.  10-16-2009

Now here we are with baby #3.  This baby was def a surprise, we had not planned on trying until Logan was 18 months old. So far things are worse than with either of the boys.  I have hypermesis again...have already been to the Er to get hydrated once.  I get sick all the time.  The different thing is that with this one, I feel like I have the flu all the time.  It was not like that with either of the boys...I just feel sick!  I have had a sinus infection and a cold already...super fun!  I am so tired, probably because I already have 2 kids to keep up with.  I will def keep posts about how things are progressing this time around.  I had to take one glucose test already because of failing one with Logan.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I have been thinking of starting a blog for awhile here it goes!

I never have time to write in a journal, very rarely have time to keep up with my numerous scrap books nor find time to do much just for me!  So here we are, typing on a lap top (because really that is what I do best) and documenting all the things that happen here in my crazy wonderful world!

Bare with me for the first few weeks until I get a hang of this whole blogging world.  I am not a jump in with both feet kind of girl...I like to get one toe wet at a time ;)

So welcome to My World!