Pr Friendly

I am officially a PR friendly blog. I am open to reviewing products, doing giveaways, and advertising!!!

PR friendly-
It means that this blog is open to Product Reviews, and Giveaways!  I look for unique & exciting baby products, good pricing, and anything that makes my life easier!  I am a full time working Mom with 3 kids that vary in age from 9 years to under one. I would be happy to review a product and give my personal opinion on how it works, if the outcome that I expected was met and how it will make life easier by using it.

A Review-
In order for me to review a product, I will need a full size non-returnable sample.  After having the product for a few days, I will post the review to my website. I will tweet about the review on more than one occasion.  I will only give my honest opinion, even if the product does not meet what I consider a good standard.

The Giveaways-
I can accommodate anything from a product or a certificate to be used towards the purchase of a product.  After I have reviewed the product that I recieved, I will allow my readers one week to submit to the giveaway. I will tweet about the giveaway on more than one occasion. If a facebook page  or blog is available, I will comment advise to look at them for your company.

My Disclosure-
I became a PR friendly blog as of October 27, 2011.
As the owner of this blog, I accept compensation for advertising and reviews. Although the compensation may influence what is advertised on my blog, it will in no way influence my opinions on products that are reviewed. I will only give my honest opinion. Not always will it be shown that compensation was received.

My blog is a personal page and if you have questions, please email me at