Friday, May 27, 2011

Kidlet Cuteness

First SMILES at Mommy :)

Logan has been saying and doing some of the funniest things!
*He tooted, turned around to us with a huge smile and laughed.  He did it again and turned around to look behind him like 'Hey where did that one come from?'
*He comes up to Charlie, lays his head on her (his way of hugging) and says 'Awe, Baby.' Grab her feet and smell them, saying 'Eww, yuck!' Oh the cute that he is!*He plays with his animal crackers. 'Hop, hop, hop.' Moving them around the table.

Life is full of cute and funny things, its up to us to see them and experience the greatness!

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  1. So sweet! I can't wait to get my Charlie-fix tomorrow!