Sunday, September 25, 2011

5 Months

Sweet Charlotte you are 5 months old already. Holy Cow! Time is flying by.

You are around 16 pounds. Still cutting teeth. Enjoying playing in your exersaucer, scooting around the floor, playing with your toys and your brothers.  All the while smiling so big. You are sleeping well, eating well and even starting to grab our food if it is in your reach. You tolerate being on your belly and growl at us like a monster all the time. You are sweet, rolly polly, stinky, lovely and just plain adorable.

We love you stinky!


  1. omg she is SO stinkin cute!!!!

  2. Love those pictures!!

    And sooooo jealous she can wear hairbows CLIPPED to her hair! :)


  3. Thank you girls!!!
    I def lucked out with the hair. The boys did not have this much at all :)

  4. She is so cute!! Looks like your daughter/my son are the same age. The cheerleading outfit is priceless

  5. She's a doll! Those cheeks!! This is the age where the fun increases for sure. Keeps us on our toes ;)

  6. Melissa, thank you! That is one of my favorite outfits :) I am finding so many Moms with babies around this age. It is wonderful to be able to have that support, advise ect.
    Heather, thank you! She has had the biggest cheeks since she was born. Even the sonographer commented on how chubby her cheeks were at all of my sonogram pictures. The girl was doomed from the get go ;)