Monday, October 17, 2011

Bounce House Bash

I have always be terrified of trampolines. I think they are dangerous and they scare me. Bounce houses have never fallen into the fear group. That is, until this past weekend.

As I am sure you read Logan's 2nd birthday party was this past Saturday. Blue's Clues theme with a dinosaur bounce house.

We had lots of kids in and out of the bounce house. All supervised by parents. No serious injuries occurred, although one little girl did get bumped on the head. Poor thing, I felt horrible. Blood was my biggest fear. Bloody noses caused by another child's head. I was so thankful that it did not happen.

After all of the party goers left, Dominic wanted me to jump with him. So I got my shoes on and headed out to play. Boy am I glad my husband was preoccupied and no pictures of me were taken. Especially with all my stuff bouncing about. How embarrassing would that be for me to find those online?!  I left Dom in th house laying down to go inside.  My sister arrived shortly after and said Dom was hurt.

I went to the bounce house with thoughts that all was probably okay. See, Dominic is known for being dramatic imaginative. However, when I saw the look on his face, I knew something was not right. 1.7 million thoughts ran through my head. I helped him out of the bouncer and into our house. I examined his arm and found swelling and what appeared to be a bump on his inner part of his elbow. I hurried and took him to the urgent care.

It was just the two of us driving. Dominic was telling me how he just slipped and fell, with his arm bent behind him. My stomach turned as he explained the situation. I imagined a dislocation or maybe a torn muscle. No broken bones.

They gave Dominic ice as soon as we got in because all I grabbed was my phone and my wallet. No purse. No ice. No jacket. Just got out the door and to the UC as soon as I could. The first Dr was not an orthopedic and thought it was broken and needed a second opinion. An orthopedic PA came in to see him. Without even having xrays he knew it was broken. He ordered xrays to verify.  The xrays showed his elbow was broken almost the whole way through. I started to get light headed. My vision tunneled. I grabbed the chair and sat myself down. Ready to pass out and barf. Off to Children's hospital we had to go with the explanation that they would give him medicine before setting his arm.  He had 2 breaks. Maybe 3.

With that, I called my Mom to come with me. Called my husband to say we would be coming home first. Construction is all around. It took us 2 hours to get there. Poor Dominic was grumbling, whining and at times teary eyed with each passing minute because of the bumps and extended timing. He was sore but being a trooper.

We arrived at the ER after making a wrong turn and getting lost. Pictures of xrays in hand. They took us back pretty quickly. The first attending came in without seconds. After all the information was gathered, she took the xrays and got another attending. An IV and morphine was ordered because they needed to see how many breaks and if any surgeries would be needed.  Within an hour it was determined that he would be admitted and have surgery the next morning. What the?

I quickly called my husband. Who just so happened to be hosting Logan's family party to celebrate his birthday. I needed him. I felt like I was going to fall apart. I managed to not let Dominic see the fear in my eyes. My poor kid going to spend the night for the first time ever in a hospital (aside from being born).  Just as the IV was ready to be put in, an orthopedic Dr came in. She advised that his break was okay to just cast without surgery. RELIEF! Panic passed.

It was still not determined if the upper arm was broken as well. The Dr thinks it is since it feels as if the bone is poking up into the skin. She said it really did not matter because he was going to get a cast up to his arm pit anyway.

Dominic picked a blue cast. Was given a foam swiss cheese looking device and a sling. With that, we were on our way home. 5 hours after the ordeal started. Completely exhausted and in shock from it all.

The moral of the story is....
It does not matter what surface you fall on, you can break something.
Anything can be dangerous.
My 9 year old is braver than me.
Less than 24 hours after the break, he was helping Logan open his birthday presents. Making sure his special day was still all about him!


  1. what a trooper. He is being such a big helper even with that cast on! THe bounce house was brought out at Hayls second bday. ALways a hit. Happy bday little guy!

  2. Great post, got tears in my eyes reading it!! He is such a sweet boy, making sure his brother had a fun birthday! Way to hang in and not pass out, I may have hit the ground. Too traumatic, no more episodes for you guys!!

  3. I'm so glad your mom was able to go with you, and that he doesn't need surgery! We got stuck in that construction. I didn't even think of that when I saw that Dom got hurt! What a horrible ordeal.

  4. Aww poor guy! (And poor momma!) I hope it heals quick!!

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