Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday's Top Five Laughs

Thanks to Melissa and her awesome blog for starting this great way to remember the funny things that go on during the week.

1.  Logan was picking his nose (something he learned at daycare, GREAT, huh?!) and I told him to get his finger out of his nose. He looked at me, pulled his finger out, pointed it in the air and declared "I got it!" Ha and EWWW!

2.  When my Mom and I were in the ER last weekend with Dominic, we were reminiscing about his early childhood. We were talking about how he used to say things and how funny/adorable/loving he was. We then were talking about his potty training days. After he was fully potty trained, he used to STILL tell my Mom to wipe him bum. We would hear from the bathroom: "Nana, come wipe my bum." All. The. Time. He never did that at home. Was very capable of doing it himself but still told my Mom to because....well she would still do it. So as we were talking about it we all said practically at the same time: "Mom come wipe my bum. Nana, come wipe my bum."

3.  I was smelling some not so fresh bummage and I asked Logan if he had pooped. He looked at me very seriously and said: "No Mama, Chahree do it." He has learned to blame his sister already. Smart cookie that one is!

4.  Logan likes to watch The Wiggles and runs around quaking like a duck. Hands folded, doing the dance and making his rooster feathers on his head. He even says "quack, quack, quack a doodly do."  It cracks us up!

5.  After Dominic fell in the bounce house and hurt his arm, Logan was jumping around in it, falling and yelling out "owwy, muh ahrm. it hurt. oh, oh I okay." While laying there, his arm was stretched out just like his big brother.  Making fun or just copying him, I do not know.  But funny indeed it is!

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  1. Too funny. Kids and picking their nose:) you need to take a picture of Logan dancing to the wiggles. That is funny that he mimicked his brother. My take is he was worried about his bro. Loved your laughs! Thanks for linking up.

  2. I never realized how much of my life would revolve around the potty before becoming a mom. Lol! My kids love to blame each other for things and they're getting quite good at it. :)

  3. Yah. Have your button of my blog love page now:)

  4. Love the new look of the blog! Great job! I love the wipe my bum comment. I love it when kids have fun names for butt - tushy, booty, bum - so funny to me!! I like how Logan blames his sister for pooping and picks his nose - pretty soon he will blame her for that too!!