Friday, October 28, 2011

Saturday's Top Five Laughs

This week has been another crazy one in our house. The kids have been keeping us on our toes :)

1. When we were driving home from dinner on Wednesday night, Gary stopped to get gas. He called my car a girl and Dominic asked why.  Gary advised him that all cars are girls. He asked why again. I said that cars are just like women, you have to treat them right. To which Gary added, and change their oil every month. Dominic said "oh is that why Mom uses Tampons every month and those band aids for her butt? She leaks like a car?" We all started laughing hysterically. And the husband responded "You will find out in health class in a couple years guy."

2. When Logan is mad about something, he started responding "F-I-I-I-N-E!" Omg, is he a 2 year old boy or a 14 year old girl?

3. Logan was playing with a balloon in the living room. Bouncing it. Playing "katchah" with it. Throwing it. Charlie was laughing every single time he touched it. Then Logan would laugh and say "ah it funnay, huh Chahree!"

4. Logan is learning how to play the sympathetic I am going to say what I want in the saddest way possible card. "Ah Muma, I yhant a fuppah. Ah peas. A fuppah?" *in a really soft sad puppy voice* He is asking for a fruit bar but makes me laugh every single time.

5. "I yhant douch Muma. No Bubbah douch. I douch!"  Ha, douch is for juice and yeah a 2 year old saying douch just about makes me teary eyed.

And just for something a little extra:
Logan likes to go in his sister's crib and jump up and down. Which is funny. And well, not so much if it wakes her up. :)

If you have funny things that happen each week and like to share it with us all, please link up at Melissa's Blog!


  1. Hysterical!! Love Dominic's response, literally crying over here!! I love how well you type out Logan's voice, perfect toddler script. We have the photo scene daily at our house, but only once Natalie is awake ;) Thanks for the laughs!!

  2. Hahaha how funny is your little guy and the things he says. You had me speaking like him just so I could read and understand lol
    I have linked up this week with Melissa too :)

  3. Oh my gosh how does he get in that crib?!?!

  4. Brit, he climbs up the side! He has not climbed out of his own but he can climb in and out of his sisters. (the mattress is not lowered on hers)
    Kids, they crack me up!

  5. That car bit is hysterical! How did he come up with this? Made me spit my coffee out. That picture is hysterical too! These made me laugh! Thanks for linking up. You made my Saturday!

  6. So funny! And that picture is adorable!!! Hopefully little sister is a good sleeper. :)

  7. Hi lovely!
    Just read your comment!
    Thanks for stopping by!
    You are precious.
    Love your blog!
    Looking forward to stopping by again SOON! ;)

    New follower,

  8. Thank you girls!
    Melissa, I have no idea where he gets this stuff. He doesn't even understand what a tampon is! Nor a "butt bandaid" lol. Ah, kids!

  9. Oh my goodness!! I laughed so hard reading this!!! That is so funny, adorable and cute!! Haha made my day;-)

  10. Oh my goodness, the first one had me cracking up!!!

  11. Umm, #1 is my favorite! How funny!!