Friday, November 4, 2011

Saturday Top Five Laughs

1. My Mom and I were driving in the car and Dominic was along with us. We were talking about school, graduation, moving out and being on our own. Dominic chimes in "Nana, when my parents kick me out...can I live with you?" (my Mom and I laughing) "Why would you get kicked out?" "Because when I am done with my doctorate, I have to leave and move on. So, can I come live with you?" (my Mom) "Sure you can, it will be my grandson and my dogs." (me) "You have to cut Nana's grass and do her heavy lifting." (Dom) "Since you will be old, I will. I wont wipe your bum, that's for the house keepers to do! I can even start a business that is Old Wrinkled Peoples Daycare, yeah, that is what I will call it." 
Okay....I am done laughing and tearing up as I write that one. I really have just no words for some of the things that my 9 year old says. The kid...has imagination. That is for sure :)

2. Logan likes Yo Gabba Gabba and my husband does too. So when we went shopping, Gary bought him a Brobee pillow. Gary was super duper excited to give it to Logan. When he did, Logan had this scared priceless face and pushed it away. "No Rohbee" Gary is crushed by the way. HA!

3. Twice this week, Logan has fallen asleep in our bed with AN APPLE IN HIS MOUTH. Yes an apple. In his mouth. I have no words. Weirdo.

4. Logan has some new words that he says that are just awesome and funny and cute. Dee-dess (Nintendo DS) Yegow (Lego) Yuvah (Love) I may have died of exploding heart when he said "Night Night Muma, I yuvah eww."

5. While shopping at a mall, I may have said out loud to Charlotte "You are NEVER aloud to go to the mall with your friends as a teeny bopper. I do not like teens and you will not be like them." This is funny for so many reasons. A) I can HEAR my Dad saying this and me rolling my eyes at him B) I can remember wandering the mall thinking my friends and I were all that and a bag of chips C) What I once was, I now dread  *side note that while at the mall Gary and I witnessed a domestic dispute between teens, yes teens, and the girl was lead out of the mall. And apparently they need 4 rental cops security guards to do that and get witness testimony now a days.

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  1. I love Dom's imagination!! What a great thinker you have there. Love the I love you for the first time. I'm right there with you on the mall thing. I remember those times too well, and our girls will be there before we know it. Your poor hubby, maybe he can keep the pillow since he likes the show too? ;)

  2. Hahaha I say the same thing about teenagers hanging out at the mall!! And the apple in his mouth whilst sleeping, TWICE!, priceless :)

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha these laughs are hilarious! I am most definitely going to be saying something along those lines to Cupcakes one day. Ug teenagers. I am shaking in my boots for those years! I love the wrinkly old daycare idea lol. And how old is Logan who falls asleep with an apple in his mouth - that's hysterical!!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  4. Oh my g-d! These are the best. I ESP. Love the first one. I won't wipe your bum-that's for housekeepers. I'm peeing in my pants and his dialogue. I love logans new words. Isn't it funny how they talk? So cute! And falling asleep with an apple in the mouth. How is that possible? These are so cute! Have a great weekend.

  5. Too funny! I guess I missed the details on this blog hop. I probably won't haven't something up when you stop by. I was in the middle of posting giveaways and checked emails quickly and saw that Darcy had put up a new doc which led to the blog hop and here I am. I am a new follower thru GFC and would love a follow back when you get the chance. Thanks so much and have a lovely weekend.


  6. This cracked me up!!

    The apple in Logan's mouth asleep?! So random and funny!

    Dom's and your mom's relationship reminds me of Andrew and my mom. ♥ Love it!

  7. New follower from the funny hop! These were so cute and funny! Sounds like you have some entertaining kiddos!


  8. Jamie - Logan just turned 2 in Oct. He had apple still in his mouth and was chewing with his eyes shut the first night. The second, he gave it to me while his eyes were shut. The kid is a goofball!
    Stef - :) I think its the first born grandkid bond between the boys and them!
    Welcome Sandy and Mary!! I am following you both back :)

  9. Melissa - the housekeepers...HA I love that part too. I asked him what he thought a housekeeper was and he said its someone who takes care of everything in the house. And apparently bum wipes are in that category....Good to know, huh?!

  10. Please tell me you took a pic of Logan with the apple in his mouth!

  11. Blah...I did not even think to take a pictures :(