Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tiny Prints Holiday Cards

Tiny prints has so graciously chosen my blog to review their Holiday Cards and get the word out about their new Christmas cards campaign! The website has TONS of wonderful options.  You should go take a PEEK!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting cards in the mail. I keep my family and friends in tune to my growing kids through holiday cards. We send out and receive close to 50+ cards each year.  I like to be old school with cards in the mail, who does not love opening something that is not junk mail or bills?!  I always try to have my cards out by the send week of December so that they all arrive in plenty of time! We get cards delivered here down to the very last day before Christmas Eve. Our family tradition is to display each card around the doorway or fireplace to display for all to see!

I looked and looked and looked some more at the variety of cards. Each year there are more and more to choose from. There are so many but I have narrowed them down to 3 options. Take a peek an leave me a message on which is your favorite!

I love this Bubble Berries option because it is colorful and has 6 picture options. Which is totally up my alley ;) I love taking pictures of my kidlet!

The Silent Holy Night is another perfect option because of how sweet babies are when they sleep. They are so precious and perfect! 

My final favorite is the Stylish Memoir. I think this card is just gorgeous! 

I would be proud to send any of these out to all of my family and friends this holiday season.

*I recieved 50 free holiday cards for sharing my opinion. 

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