Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Party times 3

I wrote this entire blog post yesterday and something went wrong. It would not post. Grr.

Every year we have a Christmas party with our close friends. (We all grew up together, went to school together and now our kids are doing the same!) We have a kids gift exchange, have pizza and do crafts!

Next up was our twitter/mom blogger cookie and book exchange. We had a blast watching all the little girls take over Amy's house. We had a taco lunch, attempted pictures (but some little 2 year old changed the setting on my camera so pictures are very few) and watched the girls/Logan make a "toynado" as Stef/Grant call it!

Lastly, we had a kids gift exchange with work friends. The kids had fun ripping into their goodies after eating pizza. They all played with their new toys as soon as they opened them :)

With all of our friend get togethers and exchanges done, it really feels like Christmas! Looking forward to spending time with family next!


  1. Love it! I seriously love that pic of Dom in the green and red (Freddy Krueger hahah) sweater! No, I really do love it!

    Bummer on the peppermint patty stealing camera setting changer. ;) Love that kid!

    Charlie looks HUGE on that little ride along. Too fast!

    How fun for all of your friends and kids...I think that's awesome!

  2. Aww cute pictures! And LOL @toynado ! :o)

    For Love of Cupcakes

  3. Such adorable pictures! I love their parties. And look at C on her big girl car- love it!

  4. The pictures are so cute! I look forward to our Christmas party every year, and the cookie exchange was so much fun, too! Love you guys!