Friday, December 2, 2011

Saturday's Top Five Laughs

I cannot believe that the weekend is finally here! Only a few more weeks until Christmas :) We are getting excited in this house!
5. Dominic is not on the Santa boat anymore. When we were leaving to go buy our last gift for a grab bag, he asked if he could pick something out at the game store for him for Christmas. I repeated that this was the last gift that we had to buy and that we were done shopping. His response "You mean you are even done buying from the fat guy too?" 

4. Logan's new thing to do when we tell him he cannot have something is folding his arms and putting his head down while he says "Ahhhhh. But pwease." And when we respond No again, he gets the pout going. 

3. Logan is a cuddle bug. Always has been. Lately he has been giving lots of hugs and asks for kwisses. Then he smiles. This week he started asking "Daddy kwiss Muma." And when he gives me a kiss, Logan giggles in delight. Then if Gary tries to do it without Logan's permission, he gets very upset and says "No Daddy, my Muma. No kwis hah." 

2. Logan randomly sings songs and dances around the room. He loves the song by LMFAO and calls it "Robot No Pants" And he likes the song for Kia commercial with the hampsters. Gary has a Kia and each time the commercial comes on "Daddy car. Daddy a hampah."

1. This year is great for gift wrapping gifts. Dom is out of the Santa thing. Logan and Charlie are too young to realize his gifts are being wrapped in front of them.  While I was wrapping gifts, I looked over and Logan had unwrapped a toy. "Ah Muma, my pesahnt. Me opahn." And he did that twice more. Talk about being helpful ;)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I love the kwisses! That's so presh!! We get the awww, pwease in our house too it is stinking adorable! I am excited for Christmas too, loved the laughs and how they centered around it!!

  2. sounds like a fun filled week! I just love to hear sign there own songs & when they are just learning to talk, LOL! Hopping over from Mommy Chronicles :) ~Faythe @ GMT~

  3. I love these! The fat guy... Can he be any cuter. And I love the folding the arms with the pout. The kisses are just too cute! You must laugh hysterically. Love the wrapping. Did he unwrap what you just wrapped? I love your laughs!! Have an awesome weekend.

  4. I really enjoyed these. I can't believe he called Santa the fat guy lol.

    The kwisses muma laugh was really funny.

  5. I think number 2 is my favorite! So so so funny!

  6. We do laugh a ton here!
    Yep, Logan unwrapped what I just wrapped! Stinker