Saturday, February 11, 2012

Satruday's Top Five Laughs

This week has been a pretty crazy funny one now that we have a puppy to throw into our mix!
5. Logan was playing with the little people. He had a bunch out and was making them talk to each other. Charlie crawled over and took one of the people and put it in her mouth. "Hey, dats mine. Give dat guy back." Then she took the ballerina little person (which is obviously hers) and he took it right back off of her saying it was his. I looked at him and said that it was a princess and it was hers. He preceded to throw it back and hit her with it. "Fine. I don't yant a pwrincess one."

4. The puppy loves to bite things. She follows us around nipping at our toes. Pulling the kids socks off with her teeth. But the funniest is when she nips at Charlie's pony tail. She does not think it is funny and screams but I cannot help but giggle.

3. My kids love fruit. Apples are a favorite around here. Yesterday my MIL was cutting up apples for the little ones. Charlie grabbed hers and said "Ahh whole" 

2. Charlie is too big for 12 month pj's but 18 month pj's are too long. When she crawls around in the bigger jammies, her legs come right out. She gets very frustrated and screams because both legs end up in one leg. 

1. Toddler talk is the best. Logan says the following as of late: orndada juice (orange juice) and whift way (this way).


  1. orndada juice is fun to say haha! How cute!!!

  2. #5 had me cracking up. It must be a hoot in your house with all your adorable kids. I can see from reading your blog daily, the expressions when Logan says this:) Too cute with the apple and whole! I love the way Logan talks- you must get a video for us! Such a cute post!!

  3. Yes, toddlerese is the best! I need to carry a pad and paper around to capture all the crazy things my 2.5 year old says! Baby talk is awesome too - aaah whole totally made me think of "meet the parents" (is that the right movie where the kid says asshole?)! Thanks for the laughs!