Monday, March 12, 2012

Children of the Corn

Or so I think. If my kids had pitch forks, knives or other objects today...I am pretty sure I would not look pretty! They remind me of the movie during times like this. It makes me want to run and hide. I FEAR them currently.

Monday started out with 2 coughing kids in our bed. Keep me up at 3am-430am. *yawn*

Then came the 45 minutes of trying to get Dominic up for school. Let's just say the kid was full of piss and vinegar. I loved hearing how much he hated me for waking him up. That he did not get enough sleep (thank you DLS). That I pretty much ruined his life today. He missed the bus. I had to use my break to take him to school. My eyes were bugging out of my head by 9 am.

Then comes poor Logan, who is sick. Gary has him at the urgent care as I type. He was miserable. Up my butt at every chance he had to be. I feel for the kid since he is not healthy. However, I could not even get a shower on my lunch break because he wanted to be on my lap. I love the snuggles but the combo of his crying and mixed with his brother's shenanigans from the morning, I was so over it.

Next is the littlest corn child, Charlie, who has a cough too. Thanks to DLS and being up early, she slept in a bit and only took a small morning nap for my mother in law. Then I heard I scream, throw things and "yell" at her and Logan all afternoon. Some full blown tantrums too. Already. JOY!

Then the paw printed child. I woke up to find her bowls turned over by stepping in the dog water spilled all over. She ripped up stuff on the back porch. Can you say grill cover? It is destroyed. May it rest in peace. Libby ran away when I let her out (she came back when I yelled for her but still made my heart skip a few beats).

Whoa Boy. Monday...I am DONE with you and your sassy stuff. I need a redo. Or a stiff drink.


  1. Hope you catch a break soon! Your Monday doesn't sound too good, but you know what? You are not alone on days like that. As mothers, we can ALL relate!
    Get yourself a nice bottle of Moscato (or a stiff drink, whichever you prefer) and look forward to Tuesday!!

  2. Whewwwwwwww.
    Deep breath.

    Yeah, what IS that with those older boys?! Mine was crankypants tonight not this morning, but it was all centered around being tired. Why was I so mean? Couldn't I just leave him alone? blah blah

    I laughed at "the littlest corn child" ahhaha


    Hope tomorrow is better!

  3. I love how everyone is happy and playing freely on Sunday and then...MONDAY happens, yikes girl! Cheers to a better day Tuesday! Hope everyone feels better!

  4. eeeek....those kinda Mondays are rough...hope your Tuesday is better xoxo