Saturday, March 17, 2012

Satruday's Top Five Laughs


Happy St. Patrick's Day! My kids are all dolled up in green, how about yours? I hope everyone has a great weekend! Tonight I am going out with several twitter/mommy bloggers and cannot wait :)

5. Logan has been sick. He came home from the Urgent Care with Gary and I said “Aw, Logan. You look pathetic.” Logan “I no thah-thetic.” 

4. Logan takes his blanket and puts it around our shoulders. “Supah hear-row Mummy/Daddy!”

3. Logan started saying “Im okay!” every time he gets hurt. Its adorable when he says it in a pathetic hurt over dramatic voice. 

2. We went to the Symphony with Dominic this past weekend where he was honored for being great in music. He came off stage with his flip recorder hidden up his sleeve so that I could secretly video tape him on stage. No cameras or video were permitted. But I managed to sneak his and my cell phone ;)

1. I took the 2 little ones out for a picnic lunch at the park on Wednesday. Logan quickly made friends with 2 little girls and began running around the park playing with them. Their little toddler giggles and sayings were the greatest! "Ah you a copy cat"  "Ah my bubba, my Char-lit, my Mama, my Daddy, my Libby" " I mell like poop, see my diah-pah"


  1. Lol, love baby talk, "my diah-pah" adorable

  2. So jealous you are hanging out with some twitter moms- jealous! I love the way he talks- I just love it!! I smell like poop-see my diapah- I don't know you stand the things he says. I hope to meet him one day!!! Love your laughs:)

  3. When cameras aren't allowed I go crazy and I ignore that rule too!! Great laughs again this week!

  4. That kid CRACKS me up!

    And awesome for the video sneak!! Totally up my alley!

    Supper was super!