Sunday, April 8, 2012

11 months

Dear Charlie

You have been rockin and rollin lately! You are showing your spirit, giving us your opinions and dazzling us with your intelligence. It is so hard for me to grasp that you will be ONE soon. One. A whole year old. Where in the heck did this year go?!

Your beautiful hair is growing longer, getting more highlights and getting much curlier after your baths. Your bright blue eyes sparkle so much more now. You are getting taller and leaner as you continue to grow into toddler hood.  You have 4 teeth and working on a few more.

You can say: Hi, Buh-bye, Bubba, Muma, Dada, Nana, Gaga, Duck, Quack, Eye, Uh-Oh

You have movement of: waving, blowing kisses, pointing to our eyes and saying the body part (even poking us there on occasion), taking steps (1-2 at a time), pushing yourself bike backwards on your bike, you continue to dance and squeal to music, giving us kisses on the lips (lovely slobbery ones) started to actually color with crayons (instead of just eating them, ha), throwing tantrums and SMACKING us (not such a great development young lady. However, I take the bad with the good. Just learn to keep your hands to yourself, heh). When you want something, you point at it or if you like something, you point. It is the cutest thing. You have started to take your toys and put them back in their bins while we clean, that is so wonderful! I wish your brothers liked to help too.

You are the sweetest little thing and I adore you more than you will ever know. I often find myself kissing your cheeks for no reason, staring at you as you explore and smiling at your every move.

You are not always sleeping through the night but I know you will get there. You are down to one bottle at night before bed. All day you get sippys with formula or water. You finally caught onto the whole sippy cup thing. That was such a process my dear. I am so thankful you caught on!

I am sorry that your posts are so late but you and your brothers keep me busy busy busy!
I am going to use pics from today and will take your official 11 month pics later :)


  1. First off, she is adorable! I am so jealous she will take sippys- Zane will not for the life of me. I try- he doesnt even hold his own bottle. Love that she started talking steps. Such a pretty girl!

  2. Happy 11 Months, Charlie!! Love you and your mama! <3 (and all the boys too, of course, but we gotta stick together. haha)

  3. Happy 11 Months Charlie! Only a few more weeks until the BIG day! Yay!

  4. She is getting cuter every day!! And growing up quickly. I'm with you, where does the time go?
    Happy 11 months!!

  5. Happy 11 months! The time goes by too quickly!