Friday, April 20, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

Hello Weekend! I am busy doing a Mothers of Multiples sale (trying to get the baby stuff out to make room for Charlie's new stuff). I will be happy when Sunday rolls around even though I cannot relax!

5. Logan has been into telling everyone what gender they are. "Mommy, you a grill (girl). Daddy you a boy. Brubba, you a boy. I a boy. Charlie, you a grill." But he does not understand that Libby (our puppy) is a girl. He just keeps saying "Libby is no grill. He's a boy. Yike me!"

4. Charlie has been quite the sassy queen lately. When she knows she is doing something wrong, she looks at us and says "uh uh uh!" *shaking her pointer finger* If we then tell her no, she looks at us with a mean face and hits us. I am pretty sure she is going to give us a run for our money.

3. We had Gary's brother and sister in law over for dinner last night. When I said it was time for baths, Logan ripped off his clothes. Starting singing and dancing around. Shaking his bum for all.

2. Charlie walks around holding onto toys (even ones that do not support her at all) but the girl refuses to take more than one step without 'assistance'....she is a total stinker. She just goes limp and falls over. I swear she is going it on purpose!

1. This one is not a laugh but I am too proud not to share. Dominic took in as much food as he could carry to his schools food drive. He does not want a child to go hungry, he says. He is a very giving boy. He loves to get gifts for children at Christmas. He always wants to donate money. He is a great child like that. *now if he would just get rid of the tween attitude then we would be golden, heh!*


  1. I love #5- Libby is no grill- LMAO!! Oh Charlie is definitely going to give you a run for your money! Zane does the exact same thing as Charlie with the walking. Isn't it crazy! I love Dominic- that is so sweet!!! A true good boy!

  2. I love your laughs! So funny. And I adore number 1...what a sweetheart. A loving and caring child :)

  3. I can totally picture Logan doing #3! Too funny!
    Dom is such a sweetie!