Monday, June 11, 2012

If you wish upon a wave

As you all know, we had our first big family vacation last week. We went to Dewey Delaware (and 3 other beaches!) and Washington DC! The five of us and Libby. My Mom with her 2 Yorkies. My Brother. My Sister and her boyfriend. It was not relaxing at all. Really, could you relax with 9 people and 3 dogs? It was FUN and exciting. And exhausting. It was adventurous. I LOVED IT!

Day 1-
We packed the car up at 3:30 am on Sunday June 3rd and headed out! 7 people and 3 dogs in my SUV makes for some cramped quarters but we made it work. The drive out went smooth, I was relieved.

We stopped at a local farm for some fruit and veggies. I put the bag beside Charlie's car seat and did not think anything of it. 5 minutes later, we hear Dom laughing and saying "Ah Charlie!" She had grabbed two peaches out and was eating them. That kid, too much I tell ya!

We arrived at 11:30 am and checked into our beach house. 5 bedroom but only 1.5 baths. The kitchen and living room were an open floor plan, which worked out. The spiral stairs were a bit much to with the 2 toddlers and 3 dogs, so glad I brought a baby gate!

After unpacking, we headed to the beach for a bit so the kids could play. Logan was cracking us up. Every time a wave came in "It coming, RUN!" Charlie cried the whole time she was in the sand. Dominic went in but the waves were rough so he stayed close to shore. We went to the board walk after dinner for the kids to ride rides at Funland. It was awesome!

Day 2-
My littles were up at FIVE THIRTY am. They obviously did not get the memo that this was vacation, heh. We spent the day on the beach and the night at Funland. It was cold in the evening and I was wishing that I had packed myself a sweatshirt!

Day 3-
Kids were up again at 5:30. *yawn* We headed to Assateaque Island to see the wild horses. On the way home, we stopped in Ocean City, Maryland for the afternoon. I have never been on a vacation where we visited 4 different beaches in two days until now! Adventure was the word.

Day 4-
Kids slept until 6 am, WAHOOO. Not We went back to the beach for the day. The kids played hard. It was a great time. Sand. Water. "Baketball on a string" (according to Logan) Funland in the evening had become our thing to do with the kids. Rides and games in one place, score! Dominic used all of his tickets to get Logan the other 2 Yo Gabba Gabba stuffed animals that he was missing. That boy is awesome and has a great heart. Very proud of him!

Day 5-
Today was our anniversary of four years. We went to the boardwalk to shop for the day. My brother had a great idea of going to Creative Creations to allow the boys to paint a ceramic piece as a souvenir. Dominic picked a dragon and Logan picked a robot and a dinosaur. (Dominic's was a pretty big piece and Logan was done with his robot in about 10 minutes, giving him time to do another)  Gary and I went out for drinks that night to celebrate, took a walk on the beach and reminisced our honeymoon beach vacation. All and all a great day.

Day 6-
We had a photo shoot at the beach. Dom did wonderful. The littles were a bit difficult. Have you ever tried to get 3 kids to smile, look at the camera and pay attention at the same time? It is hard work. We packed up and left the beach to go to Washington DC. Separate post for that part of the vacation :)

We had a great week. A week of fun. A week of craziness. A week of new. A week of memories.


  1. I am in love with your beaches! How beautiful!! Great photos. I especially love Charlie's strawberry bathing suit/hat combo - A-Dorable! Dom is so incredibly sweet to his siblings. What a proud mom you must have been. Happy Anniversary too!! Oh and the photo shoot is priceless - Logan is starting to look like Dom

  2. Great pics, they are all so beautiful, you have gorgeous kids!
    And I love Charlie's swim suit, too cute!!
    Glad you had a great week away, it sure looks nice :)

  3. What a seriously fun vacation!! I bet you need a vacation from vacation now :) oh and that strawberry bathing suit is too cute for words!! Glad to hear it was a wonderful trip!

  4. I know I saw them on facebook already, but I love the pictures! I'm so glad you had a great time!

  5. You packed a baby gate?? What the ???? How in the world did you fit everyone and everything? Impressed!

    The pictures are great, looks like an exhausting good time :)

    1. We sent the dog cages, baby gate, chairs and some other stuff with my sister in another SUV. We also have a roof carrier that we put all the clothes, towels, blankets ect in. :)

  6. sounds fun! I love the pic of C covering her face like ok mom enough w the pictures lol

  7. More awesome photos! I'm glad you had a great time! I see its a strawberry now...haha it looked like a watermelon in the other pictures!