Saturday, July 28, 2012

15 months

Dear sweet Charlie

You are now 15 months old. (I did not do monthly updates since your year but because you will have a check up, I figured an update was needed) A whirl wind. A blessing. A perfect little pea.

You are chatting a lot now. Some of the recognizable words are: Muma, Dada, Bubba, Nana, Gaga, Lil, Yeah, Hi, Buh-Bye, Wah-dah, Up, Uh hah.

You are not just walking, but running. And climbing. And getting into everything. (side not that we have to move the couch to block the fire place because you are always climbing and falling off of it) You play so sweetly with your brother one minute and then grab something from him and run. Perfect combo of sassy and sweet.

You HATE to have your nose wiped and your face cleaned. You love your baths. You love the swim in the pool. You do not like being told No. (glare eyes and slaps usually result from it. from you to us, that is!) You love to sing songs and read books. Your blanket is always by your side!

You are all about shoes and putting on your pretties.  You love to put on everyone's shoes and walk around. Then you get very angry when the bigger shoes fall off, ha.

You still love to dance to music. You sway your hips, shake your hands in the air and bounce up and down. It is adorable. I love it!

You have a little group of toddler girl friends. It is so adorable to watch you play with them.We try to do weekly play dates, which has helped the summer fly by!

Your stats: 22.13 pounds, 30.5 inches (which I think is smaller than you are, you little wiggler) and head circum of 46 cm. You are 50-52% for everything!

I love you so so much....from the tips of your toes to the curly hair on your head! Thank you for being the best daughter in the world!


  1. she looks so grown up! hope to see you girls soon!

  2. Happy 15 months sweet Charlie!

  3. Happy 15 months sweet Charlie!

  4. 15 months. *shaking head* Where has time gone?!?