Thursday, July 12, 2012

Member Night @ The Zoo

Last night we went to the members night at Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium. The kids were very excited to go to the zoo in the evening. We were going to ride the train, the carousel and play on the jungle gyms!!

When we first got there, the line was WAY TOO LONG to ride the train. (then it ended up derailing and we never got to ride) So we decided to go get our dinner (dollar hot dogs and drinks!) at the jungle gym. We would eat and the let the kids run around and play. They NEEDED to burn off energy.

We ate. We played. The kids giggled. They went up and down the monkey rope climb a bajillion times. Charlie was all "Ooo I totally got this!" and off she went. Dominic was a great big brother and watched her, helped her and Logan.

We went to the slides and the boys had a blast. There were not many people there, so no waiting in line! Then we all rode the carousel and headed home.

We saw some of the animals (but really we were not there to go see them all, we wanted the kids to run and play) and tire the kids out.

It worked! They slept like rocks for 10 hours straight!! Even if they did not go to bed until 10:30, we will do it again next month.


  1. I'm so glad they had fun and slept well! Woo-hoo! Success!

  2. this sounds so much fun! I love that D is such a wonderful big brother!

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun! Yay for sleeping kids! haha

  4. I'm always afraid it will be super crowded. I guess we should go!!

  5. Sorry we broke the train, promise it won't happen again. I love the pics of Dom being the best big bro!!!

  6. I am late on this post-sorry:( SOunds like such a fun time! Yah that they slept!!