Friday, August 3, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

Hello The Mommyhood Chronicle Readers! Melissa so kindly asked me to host her Saturday Top Five Laughs this week while she attends Blogher 12! I am sure she is having a fantastic time.

My name is Tracy and I have a small piece of the web knows as And Then There Were Three. I am a full time working Mom of three littles. Dominic, 10 is the oldest. Logan, 2 is the middle child. Finally, Charlotte "Charlie" 1, is the youngest. Our house is organized chaos with fun, stress, laughs and some tears thrown in for good measure. Come and check out our laughs each week!

5. My littles like to run around naked after their baths. "Neh-kid" according to Logan. One evening they were running through the living room and Libby was running behind them. (She is our 7 month old Boarder Collie) When Libby caught up to Logan, she sniffed his bare bum and licked it. *high pitched screaming voice* "Libby yickin my bum! She yickin it, yuck!"

4. Dominic wants to customize Reebok shoes for this coming school year. He spent a very very very long time making his perfect shoes. He had the page up on my lap top and told me very specifically that I cannot close it until I order them, he said this while I was working on my work computer. He left my laptop in reach of the littles. It did not end well. One of them, unsure which, hit the keyboard and shut down the computer. Dom's eyes became very wide while he became very upset when he played on my computer later that evening. "MOM, you closed my tab for the shoes. I TOLD you not to!" I explained that it was not me and was one of the littles. "Man, those kids can be a real pain in the butt!"

3. One morning after I let Libby outside, I hear Logan yelling. "Daddy. Mommy. I tuck outside. Wif Libby. I stuck. Daddy!" Yep, Logan had opened the back door, ran the drive way and back to the porch.

2. Logan and Charlie love to listen to One Direction songs and dance. Charlie: sways her hips, shakes her hands and bounces up and down. Logan: runs around the room, shaking his bum, jumping up and down. It is the best thing to watch!

1. My kids are too much. I mean really. After Charlie toots, she looks at us and smiles/giggles. Logan announces his while giggling. Then if you are with them out and about, Logan will announce it loud and clear for all to hear. And if the toot is vile, he has to tell you how stinky it is. Appears that Charlie may take after the boys in the house with the giggles and bodily functions!

Thank you for linking up! It is some of the best reads of the week.


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  2. Great job covering the hosting gig ;) Adorable blog and glad to "meet" you today!

    1. Thank you! Was great to "meet" you too!

  3. I feel Dom's pain...I keep trying to blog in the living room while the baby plays but she has discovered tapping the keys herself!

  4. Thank you so much!! ThANK YOU!!!! I love your laughs! #5 has me laughing hysterically. How can you contain yourself with them. I would laugh all day! One DIrection laugh-lol! Your kids are too much. Love them!

  5. The one about Libby licking Logan's bum cracked me up! And poor Dom!

  6. Kids and their bodily functions lol
    I had to smile at the customised shoes, ahh the age of wanting to be like everybody else is upon you, welcome...Cute post, hope you guys are all keeping well!! xo