Friday, August 10, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

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I am linking up with Melissa over at The Mommyhood Chronicles again for this weeks belly laughs!

5. Logan and Charlie went into the kitchen and opened the dishwasher. They took out the dirty spoons and started "pway-in dwums" on the counter.

4. Hubs tooted and blamed it on Charlie. Logan looked at Gary and said “Dad that was totally you!”

3. Charlie decided it was a good idea to throw her play spoon in Logan's potty as he was peeing. 

2. While driving home from the zoo, Gary kept hearing something. Dom said "Logan is snoring and his a booger in his nose. It is flapping back and forth!"

1. While we were at dinner, I called Logan a rascal. He shouted back at me "I not a asshole!" should have seen the elderly couples staring. My face was so red. But not from embarrassment...from attempting to hold back the laughs!


  1. These are so funny! Your kids sound like they keep you on your toes! I'm not sure I could have held in my giggles for #1! I'm really bad at that! Found you through the blog hop!

  2. Bahahaha! Im not an asshole is hysterical! Your family sounds adorable! visiting from the top 5 laugh hop.

  3. your little are ALWAYS good for great laughs especially Logan! See ya later this afternoon!

  4. Pwaa on the drums. Love it! Haha- it always is the dads,lol! I would have been laughing hysterically with the asshole comment. LOVE them!!

  5. hahahahahah! I love your kids!

    I know at least one that should make next week's list :)

  6. Going out to eat with a toddler(s) is so much fun, Logan just takes it to the next level...haha

  7. Oh my gosh!! This is hilarious :) Love the booga story and the rascal story lol, how embarrassing for you!! Hehehe

  8. Hanging out with you people is a blast! ;-)