Friday, September 28, 2012

Saturday To Five Laughs

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Another week has gone and flown by. Will time ever slow down?!

5. When Charlie wants a pack of fruit snacks: "nack! nack!" *shaking head yes* Then when I give them to her *eyes wide, mouth opened wide, dancing around*

4. Logan and Charlie woke up from their naps at the same time. I put Charlie on the couch next to Logan while I went to get them a drink. Logan: "Oh I love you so much Charlie. You dah best girl!"

3. Charlie has been very fond of Dom lately. She grabs onto his leg "Bubbah. Bubbah." Then waves goodbye at the front door when he leaves for school. "Buh buye Bubbah."

2. Dominic is super sweet to Charlie. He picks her up when she puts her arms out for him to lift her. Gives her kisses. Then Charlie wiggles back down. *lather, rinse, repeat about 1.689 million times* But Dom only gives her about 3 chances until he gets an attitude and says "Geez Charlie make up your mind!"

1. Logan and Charlie were playing with their ear plugs. (the ear plugs are like a play doh consistency) Gary came out from talking on the phone and found a few pieces of them on the floor. Then he looked up and found big chunks of them stuck to the entertainment center in the middle nook.


  1. Hee hee hee that sounds like so much fun - her having siblings to play with I mean. :) I love number 1 - so cute!! I haven't been around in a while, but I have to say I love your new (not sure how new though) look! :)


  2. Tell Dom that I say the same thing, make up your mind kids!! I love dah best girl comment - melt my heart. Your kids are adorable and I think you need to put a video up of Logan talking - I have a 'Logan' voice in my head and I want to see if it matches up!!

  3. love those kiddos! :-) Dom is so sweet to C

  4. I'm with Dom, I can only take so much of the up-down game! Your boys sound so sweet!

  5. haha- she loves her fruit snacks. You dah best girl-lol! Haha I don't blame Dom- I am like that with the kids. I seriously love your kids- you are a blessed mama!!! xoxo

  6. These are too cute! Charlie's a lucky little girl!