Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

Hard to believe another week has gone by. This was Dominic's first week of school and he enjoyed each day.  Enjoy your weekend and our laughs!

5. Logan was doing “hiccups” aka push ups! 

4. Charlie fell and was crying, she got a scowl look on her face and hit the floor. As if to say BAD FLOOR!

3. Charlie holds play guns, points them and says “pow pow” so you know she has older brothers!

2. Logan “You said it SISTER!”

1. Charlie is trying very hard to jump. She stands with both feet, looks down and pops herself up. Usually she only gets one foot off the ground high enough. It is adorable!


  1. haha!! that sounds hilarious! So cute!!;)

  2. Logan is so cute!! I just love him. WHen am I going to meet you, so I can give him and you a huge hug! Such cute laughs!