Friday, September 7, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

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Another week down. The weeks are flying by. It will be Halloween before we know it! Just a fair warning that #1 is probably the best laugh ever. It is all boy. You have been warned  ;)

5. Charlie was eating dinner and making grunting noises. I look over and her head is down. I asked her if she was pooping. She looks up, grins and shakes her head Yes. Then grunts some more.  (I love that she understands us and can tell us some things since she is not very vocal yet!)

4. Logan was cleaning up his train stuff. He grabbed a wooden pig, came running over “Ewww. mell my pig. He mells yike poop!”

3. I started singing if you are happy and you know it, Charlie whips herself around and starts clapping and stomping her feet.

2. Logan “my finger hurts, right there.” Daddy “what is wrong with it?” Logan “I gots a toe nail!”

1. Logan. Crazy potty mouth loving all boy Logan. Really, there are no words. And here it goes:
*taking off his undies after Daddy says he needs a shower*
“Mom, you want to see our penis?” After saying no and Daddy taking him to the bathroom, I over heard:
“Dad, you wanna have a penis fight? It’s a penis party!” *thrusting his hips as to use his twig as a sword*
AND THAT my friends is what I live with. I am not ashamed to say that I laughed. Pretty hard. I mean, COME ON, a penis fight?!


  1. OH MY G-D!!!!!! That is freaken hysterical! You win for best laugh ever! Were you dying of hysterics!! You are so right I just spit out my wine. Love all the laughs but this is the best!

    1. Oh I was dying. Gary was dying. He is the funniest kid I have ever met! He makes things fun :)

  2. LOL! Oh.My. I love little boys! Love when babies figure out what music is. My little one always stops dead in her tracks when she hears a song on tv. I needed a good laugh after this week, thanks!!

  3. Oh I just Love your wallpaper here. New follower!

  4. Tracy I read so much and forget it quickly but some of your laughs are just too hysterical to forget!! And that's the truth.

  5. Oh that Logan is ALWAYS for a good laugh

    Bre does that w itsy bitsy

  6. Still cracking up over Logan's penis fight!! Ryan saw all the tweets and checked it out and keeps bringing it up today too. We laugh every time.

  7. Just as well you have that sweet baby girl to balance out the testosterone levels in your house lol