Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

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Hard to believe that we are fully into fall and September is far behind us.

5. Logan calls computers "pooters" and I love it!

4. The littles went to daycare 4 days in a row this week while I attended a training course for work. By the last day when Gary and I picked them up, Logan was crying on the teachers lap but Charlie was running around like a nut. Polar opposites of their normal daycare selves.

3. If you tell Logan something like "I said in a little bit" then he will reply with "No, you do not say THAT!"

2. Charlie does the itsy bitsy spider with her fingers. Both pointer fingers together with her middle fingers moving against each other.

1. Charlie and I were singing. Here is her version of the ABC's " Ah, Bee, See, Dee, ahhh, ahh,mmmm, nano, pee, ahh, ahh, ahh. Ext ME!!!" *clapping*

 We have a busy weekend ahead full of parties and fall fun! Have a great week!


  1. Loving the ABC song! #3, isn't it great when you hear phrases that you (or your husband) use coming from your little's mouth?? LOL!

  2. sooo funny :) my 3 year old just learned her abc's and now my 20 month old is trying to say them, makes me laugh. Great laughs!

  3. It's so sweet to have little ones in the house. I miss those days. Being a grandma is great, but I miss so many of the little things that happen.

  4. Pooter-LMAO!!! That is so cute! That is so cute Charlie and the itty bitty spider. That is my favorite song:) That is awesome Charlie- Z knows nothing about letters. So cute!

  5. V also does itsy bitsy spider with finger movements, it is the best!!