Friday, November 2, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

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Another week has flown by and another month came to a close! This year is flying by....

5. Before baths lately, Charlie has been strutting around the bathroom nude. She does this little jig and Gary and I die laughing every time.

4. While getting Logan in his pajamas, his butt talked to me. Then he grinned, laughed, put his behind on my arm and declared "Imma fart right on you dis time MOM!" (boys man)

3. We have front row tickets to the circus for tomorrow night. I refrained from telling the kids until this week because of the non-stop talking. Of course all day today Logan has been asking "Is it time a go a swar-kiss now?"

2. On Monday morning, I was drinking my coffee on the couch and waiting for my Mom to come over to watch the littles. Libby was laying on the couch next to me. She got up, stretched her paws and put her butt 3 inches from my face. And farted. OMG the stench almost made me vomit. *why are half of my stories about butts and farting?!*

1. Charlie has been in a Daddy phase lately. She wants him to cuddle, hold her, get her things and says "Daddy, Dah Dah, Daddy" all the live long day. It is completely adorable and I love seeing the father daughter bond in action. And I may or may not like the fact that she leaves me alone a bit in the evenings!


  1. ewww I know those dog farts all too well, molly does it too!

    lol I just love that Logan! I can totally see Charlie strutting her stuff

  2. Once you have kids, farts become top priority! LOL! Little girls always seem to have a way with their Daddy's. I secretly enjoy that my daughter prefers her dad at this point too!

  3. She is so funny- doing her little strut. How cute is she! Haha #4- true boy! Haha #2 and because farting stories are funny!!Zane is totally into Daddy too! I like it too! GIves me a break and it is adorable! What cute laughs! Logan as always does not disappoint! have a good weekend my friend!

  4. Oh my I love your fart stories! They always crack me up!! Your kids are a blast.