Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

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5. While driving in the car, Logan said "Look at the moon!" Gary said "Yes buddy, that is a toe nail shaped moon." Logans reply "NO! That is called a crescent moon Dad!" 

4. Logan has began the 'I don't like you. You are mean!' phase of the threes. (fun times you guys!) So a short 5 minutes after telling Gary how much he loved him and hugging all over him, Logan starts with the mean and not liking shenanigans. Then a few minutes later grabs a book, crawls up on Garys lap and says "Daddy will you read this book to me?" in a sweet kind voice. Gary replied to him with "But you do not like me and I am means." (apparently Logan changes his mind faster than anyone else can handle)

3. While our friends were over last weekend helping us with the bathroom remodel, Logan was hugging Lexie. Then he kissed her. And proudly announced: "I kissed Lexie!" He may also have been talking about it all week....even telling my surgeon about it. I think we have our first toddler crush!

2. Toddler talk is my favorite! Charlie's new words are are: tank two (thank you), pill out (spilled out), hank ew (thank you)
Logan says some really cute ones too: Nick a mand (nick on demand)

1. I have to get B12 injections now due to have extremely low vitamin B. Gary is the one who gets to give me my injections. In the upper butt/lower back area. He proudly says that he gets to stick me in the arse! And I keep telling him that he is not allowed to enjoy it.


  1. hahahahahah about G!

    and thank goodness for Logan correcting on the crescent! The moon needs to have nothing to do with feet!

  2. I love to listen to toddler's talk! I'm not sure my 5 year od will ever grow out of the "I love you, you're mean, I love you" stage... Cute laughs!

  3. Awww Logan and Lexie! Interesting about the B injections - J has to go to the doctor's office for them. Also there's an ad on your blog for a B12 nasal spray! .com lol

  4. I love that he calls it a crescent shaped mom. Smart boy! Haha- he likes sticking you in the arse-lol! Too funny! Aw his first toddler crush!! Too cute!! oxo