Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

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Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!

5. We took everyone for hair cuts this week. My sister usually cuts and colors all of us but she has been too busy. (sticker shock of the price) Logan was wigging like he had ants in his pants. We had to put a lolly pop in front of him and tell him to "stare at the lolly Logan!"

4. On Thanksgiving, Logan asked for pop. Then hubs heard a little voice behind him say "I want some pop" plain as day. 

3. Logan was talking to himself: "This stuff has me crackin up ALL night!"

2. Logan ran downstairs to go potty. I asked him if he was pooping or peeing. "I pooping, peeing and farting Mom." Okay then!

1. After getting our Christmas tree last night, Logan ran inside to use the potty. He climbed up and immediately fell in. H was not a happy camper to be cold and wet and still have to pee.


  1. We've had the falling in the potty situation too! It's so hard not to laugh, but they get so upset!
    Stopping by from the Saturday Top 5 link-up :)

  2. Bailey learned the word pop this weekend too! It's too cute, so she always ends up getting it! Loving the lolly pop hypnosis!

  3. Haha- I love it. Stare at the lollipop! True bribery- my favorite! Does Logan talk in his sleep too? You are right, he talks all the time- I am mighty impressed. Oh my goodness, I love what L says after he used the potty. Cracks me up! Oh no about falling in. I can only imagine the scene. Hope you had a great Thansgiving my friend!

  4. Wait - it was Charlie who said a whole sentence? Oh no about falling in! Poor L!!

    1. Yes, Charlie said her first whole sentence! And I missed it :(