Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day

We changed up our Christmas this year. With three kids, going to a ton of places on one day was not happening. My kids end up completely miserable and so do Gary and I!

Our kids did not wake up until 8 am. YAY! Dom came into our room and woke us up. By the time we had gotten to the living room, the kids were all lined up on the couch waiting. Ha.  So we started off the day by opening Santa gifts and Mom and Dad presents under the tree! Even Libby got to open some gifts. She was thrilled, can you tell?!

After all the gifts were unwrapped, we had our breakfast of cinnamon rolls. Dough from a tube! You cannot beat that with a stick.

Soon it was time to shower and get read to head over to my Moms. The kids are always thrilled to spend time with their Nana! Especially when there are gifts involved ;)

Speaking of gifts, my Mom asked for a pool boy in our grab bag. What Mom wants, Mom gets!
I am pleased to introduce you to Ken, my Moms new live in pool boy. *kudos to my husband for wanting to make this happen, he is a funny funny man*

We were missing a few family members because of health issues. They were missed.

My sister and her boyfriend had decided they were going to get married awhile ago but on Christmas, he made it official! He asked my Mom for permission and purposed :) So excited for her!

My Mom has been wanting a picture of her with her grand-babies for so long.  But something always happens and we never get a good shot. Until today!

After dinner, we packed up and headed home to unload. Yes I said unload. An entire SUV worth of stuff. My kids are loved!
The kids fell asleep in the car during our trip home. So we decided to drive around and look at all the lights before heading to Gary's Granddads house for dessert and presents. More family was missing from the husbands side as well. So many sickness' going around. *please germs stay away from our house, thanks*

The kids opened their gifts and ran around. Playing with cousins that they only see during the holidays. Logan was a big hit! The perfect age they said. (I am guessing because he is funny, does whatever you tell him and runs around like a nut) We had some dessert and chatted with family but it was time to leave pretty quickly. Everyone was beginning to become tired and we did not want a repeat of meltdown city like last year.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New YEAR!


  1. You guys were so busy!Looks like such a fun Christmas! Lucky mama and lucky kids.!!!

  2. sounds like a perfect day. I love the pool boy lol..

    That pic of your mom and the kids is great! Congrats to your sister!

  3. I think you still had a pretty crazy day, I cannot imagine what it was like before...aaah! V wore the same PJs on Christmas day! Congrats to you sister! Looks like everyone had a fabulous day!

    1. It was still crazy. I do not think we will ever depart from the craziness but it was much more relaxed! So that is a plus :)

  4. This sounds like what our Christmas' are like when we travel home. The first couple of years we had 4 parties to travel to Christmas day! We've since cut back to 2 but even at that we are exhausted by the end of the day!

  5. Great pictures! I'm glad he finally made it official! ;)