Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rambling snippets

*My head is spinning with so much. I wish I could express my stress accurately but only a few people truly know and I thank them for the support they have been giving me! It will not ease any time soon so I have added some outlets to my daily routine. (biking, pilates, yoga) I soon hope to have some of it under control and be in the past.

*I decided a few weeks ago that I needed to have more of a challenge because being bored is just not my style. I talked with my supervisor at work and decided to pick up where I left off 4 years ago....working towards my final promotion. (I cannot go up anymore in my current position after this) I knew when I got pregnant with Logan that I just could not handle the extra efforts it would take on little sleep. So I stopped proceeding and knew I would pick up someday. I always imagined it would be sooner but becoming pregnant so quickly again changed that.

*My heart aches for various reasons, not just for myself but for others.

*Keeping up with project sell house, we ordered the remaining bedroom furniture that matches the bed we bought last summer. We needed real furniture. The hand me downs from Dominic (since we bought him and Logan new furniture last spring) have not been working. Gary broke the one drawer. Oops! And we need our house to be appealing for staging/resale. And yes people do look at your furniture when they house hunt, sad but true.

*I am very much ready for spring. On the days the kids are home, they get cabin fever. They WE miss the days of playing on the porch during the day and in the yard in the evening. I am dreaming of the days when our Mommy group met up weekly to do things outside with the kids!

*Bathroom remodel is coming along nicely. Tub is in! Sunday Gary and his brother are putting up the cement board while I am at lunch play date with the kids. I cannot wait to get in there and get dirty.


  1. I am sorry to hear that things have been so stressful for you lately, just remember we are here for you girl. I LOVE furniture shopping, if only it wasn't so dang expensive. Good luck with the new tasks at work!

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  3. Oh hun- I am here for you if you want to talk! I am so ready for spring too! Time to get out and just start relaxing with the kids! Many hugs! I am here! xo

  4. I'm sorry you're feeling so much stress. Hopefully Spring will get here FAST and the sun and warmth will help a bit!