Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Partying - Princess Style

Over the weekend we held 2 birthday parties for Charlie. She had a great time at both of them. The theme was Snow White. I started looking on pinterest for months for party decor ideas. I searched the internet for far too many hours so long for party favor ideas. BUT I enjoyed every minute of it. I love party planning.

The toddler girls received a red bow hair band from Gymboree, an apple drink cup and a make at home apple picture frame. The older children received the same but not the bow. Those were the special item for Charlie's little girlfriends!

First up was the family party. We had some special out of town guests that were able to attend. Gary has family in FL and IL and both were in town for Gary's Mimi's 90th birthday bash. They stopped by to wish our girl a happy birthday before heading to the cabin. We were so happy that they could make an appearance as we only see them once a year or so.

Kudos to the husband for finding a #2 that matched our color scheme!

The day was beautiful out and after we sang and had cake, we went outside so the kids could run and play. Charlie ended up opening her gifts outside. She was SO excited to get presents. I love that she is at an age where she understands things and can enjoy life.

Trying to hold ALL THE THINGS!

Logan had a great time with his cousin Ethan. Those two are adorable together. They call each other buddy and were holding hands running to the play set. They even sent down the slide together. SO CUTE!

After the party ended, my sister and Mom took Dom with them to go out to eat. Gary and I hopped in the car with the kids to get a quick snack type meal before our next party started. Both tots fell fast asleep in the car and got a 20 minute nap in. We were so thankful for the rest because they were getting cranktastic!

Our friends started to arrive and it was still beautiful out. Instead of making the apple frames, I just let the kids run outside and play. There were so many kids in the back yard. It was awesome. We have a great group of kids ranging in age from not born yet to 13. I asked all the girls to wear their princess attire to go alone with the theme of the party. So much cuteness. I am warning you ahead of time so that you do not fall over dead from it.

Picture of the group thanks to Cari!

Before we knew it, the sun was setting and it was time for cake and presents. We sang happy birthday on the back porch before heading in for gifts.

Slowly the toddlers started to get tired and families began leaving. Charlie had a fabulous day filled with all the special people in her life.


  1. Ahhhh, looks like a fabulous (and busy!) day! So glad Charlie had such a good time. I love the girls in their princess attire.

  2. we had so much fun, thanks for having us! looking fwd to this weekend as well!!

  3. Looks like so much fun! I am having swing set envy by the way!

  4. So glad she had a great day! And beautiful weather!!