Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Top Five Laughs

Another week has come and gone. Hard to believe it is April 6th. We are looking forward to warmer weather this week!

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5. Charlie uses the potty a lot at home. If she goes on the little potty chair, she gives you it and says "Toy-lit" because she wants you to dump it in the so she can flush the big potty.

4. Charlie used the little potty. Brought her pee over to me and promptly spilled it all over me.

3. Right after her spilling on me, I went into her room to get her clothes. Stepped in a big puddle. And had to throw away some books that were all wet. This potty training thing is so glamorous!

2. The kids have had cabin fever. The few times it has been nice enough to get outside, they scream and run around waiving their arms above their head. "Outside!" 

1. Dominic and Logan pretend fight and wrestle around the house all the time. And Logan just happens to be at the height that hits that spot on Dominic. Poor guy!


  1. LOL! Potty training is downright disgusting! I can't tell you how many puddles I have stepped in recently! Hopefully Charlie (and Bailey) will be done with this soon! Poor Dominic!

  2. Poor Dom! LOL! It's okay, Logan hurt his nuggets on Saturday night at Amber's, when he jumped off the couch! ;)
    I hate potty training, but we're going to start working on it hard-core. I don't want two in diapers!

  3. Oh my - the pee all over! Poor you! And Dom!!

  4. Oh my goodness- pee all over you! Okay I am totally not going to laugh- who am I kidding, I am laughing:) The joys of potty training- oh boy!Haha- my kids have total cabin fever! They need to go out stat! Poor Dom!!! Love the laughs!!!!!!