Friday, April 26, 2013

Turning Two

Dear Sweet Charlie-

You are now 2 years old. *sob* I have no idea why the time is flying by, but it is.

You are a beauty. You are a spirit of your own. You are a wonderful light in our lives. You are funny and quirky. You have the prettiest brown curly/wavy hair with glorious blonde and red highlights. Girls would KILL for your natural hair! Your blue eyes sparkle. Your legs are no longer chubby and neither are your arms. You have grown tall, thinned out. Your dimples stayed! (that makes 3 for 3 with you kiddos!)

You continue to keep us on our toes. You make us smile while simultaneously driving us batty. We find ourselves laughing constantly as your personality emerges. You are cautious but also like to have some adventure in your life. You tend to follow what your brothers are doing, which can get your into trouble girlfriend.

You answer to Charlie, Charlotte, Bear, Charlie Bear and Sissy.

Stats: You are 26.4 pounds and 34.25 inches tall.

Milestones: You started going on the potty by yourself at 20 months. I was shocked and in awe at your progress in just days. You can stay dry all day long at home. You down right refuse to go at school and have only attempted a few times at other people's houses. You went at the dentist this week all on your own!! We are not pushing you, yet. We are so very PROUD of how far you have come in such a short period of time. You amaze us! You can count to 10 and say almost all of your ABCs in order. You started walking up and down the steps with no help. You have certainly hit the 'I do it myself' stage. You gave up your binki at 20 months. You had to be sleep trained but so far so good. You will still wake up once in awhile at night and come into bed with us, but putting you down is going well. We appreciate your cooperation with that! You love routine and we are happy to oblige.

Favorites: You still love love love your tag blanket. It is your everything. You rub it all over your face, play with the tags and rub your toes in them! You love to color, play with your dollies, barbies, little people and blocks. Shoes are your number one favorite accessory. You adore being read to and like to look at books and read to yourself. You sing all the time. (Itsy Bitsy Sprider and Wheels on the Bus are your toddler favorites while all One Direction songs and Scream and Shout are your older people favorites) You are turning into a complete Daddy's girl and I love it! (Daddy does too, do not ever let him tell you other wise) Playing outside is your newest favorite thing: swinging, bubbles, side walk chalk, riding bikes. What's not to love?

Dislikes: You do not like to get your hands, face or hair washed. You do not appreciate having toys taken off of you or being told No. You are not a fan of having your hair brushed. Being put into your car seat is complete torture to you. (This makes going out so SO much fun)

Words: You can pretty much repeat anything that you hear. I was worried about your lack of vocabulary, however, you have had a HUGE burst lately. I am no longer worried as you are saying sentences. Words we hear a lot of: Mum, Daddy, Mummy, Bubbas (brothers), Chah-ree, Nana, Gaga, Sam, Dahn, Matt, Wibby (Libby), puppy, doggy, baby, undies, pull ah (pull up), potty, fwush, chocat (chocolate), yo-yo (yogurt), apple, colah (color), ah-side (outside), fahwing (swing), Lily, Night Night, nap, sip, appie douch (apple juice), hug, tiss (kiss), lamit (blanket)

Food: You love your sweets, chocolate being the best. You like to eat salad and hummus (not normal for a 1yo) but we love that you eat well. You like to suck all the juice out of your fruit and spit out the skins, ha. You are not a fan of breads or rolls (you CANNOT be my child!). You like your water ice cold. You love apple juice and orange juice. Meat is not really your strong suit, you have even given up on hot dogs and chicken nuggets.

You talk our ears off at home but are so quiet everywhere else. I laugh when people say you are soft spoken. The octave that you reach when you scream makes our ears bleed. We adore watching you run, learn and play. Thank you for being YOU! We love you to the moon and back sweet girl.


  1. I love posts like this! The "I do it myself" stage can be so challenging yet exciting at the same time. Hooray for 2!

  2. So sweet! Happy Birthday Charlie!!