Sunday, August 18, 2013

1-2-3-4 4 kids, mwah-ah-ah

Saturday morning, I woke up at 4 am. Jumped in the shower, got ready, woke up Gary and loaded up the car. We headed to Sesame Place (almost 6 hours away with stops) for a fun filled day with my cousin and her son.

Remember when I won tickets from Amy? I decided to buy a season pass for the 5th ticket we needed. Economically it made sense since we would get free parking, 30% off of food and merchandise, I could buy the last 2 tickets at 50% off, and we planned on going next year as well. It was a good decision!

It was a VERY long day for the parents. Gary and I stayed awake for about 23 hours straight. Driving too and from on the same day as spending 10 hours at the park was tiring. We won't be doing that again, heh. Next time we will get a hotel room and stay over night.

The kids loved it! They had a blast. Charlie was not a fan of the characters up close. She cried when we tried to get her to take a picture with them, but she did waive and get excited from afar. The boys loved the water slides and pools. Charlie liked the pools but was not a fan of the slides.

We started our day with lunch and a quick look at the map. Followed it up with some rides, rope climbing, bouncing and changing into our swim suits for the pool.

I did not take any pictures on the slides or the pool. I could not bring myself to leaving my camera with our stuff when we were not close to it.

After changing back into our clothes and eating dinner, we headed over to main street to meet some characters. And we saw Elmo Rocks! The kids were up dancing the entire time. Their faces made the entire day worth it!

After watching the show, we went shopping for some souvenirs and lined up for the night time parade. 

Charlie was falling asleep on Gary's shoulders so I quickly took her to bathroom and we met everyone else on the way to the car. The kids had an awesome job and we will be going back! All 3 little ones were asleep before we left the parking lot, Dom followed suit an hour later. After we rolled into our drive way after 3 am, Gary and I were spent. We threw the kids in bed with us and crashed. I was awoken by a text from our dear friend, Stef, who had been in labor all night long, it is baby day for her!! The kids woke up at 8 and I woke everyone else up after 9, when I had finished cooking a big breakfast.


  1. 23 hours of no sleep and lots of driving, dang woman! Goooo you! haha. Glad it was fun!! Great pictures!

    1. All the driving credit goes to my husband, he rocks!

  2. WOW! I am glad everyone had fun at the park!! I am not sure how you were even awake to write this post today. You guys are crazy or just totally awesome parents!

  3. I am way late to commenting but, This sounds like a super fun day!!!

    I may have to convince B to take a trip next year!!!

  4. Great pictures from your fun day!!! I know you were exhausted, though! :)