Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pumpkin picking

On Saturday we met up with my cousin and her family at our local farm! They have a free hay ride to the pumpkin patch, give out apples on the ride, have a little play area with hay and a corn maze. It is a great free fall activity for families!

When we got into line, we noticed that our friends Stef/Grant were also there. They moved back in line with us. Our group became enough to fill half of the hay ride! 8 kids! 6 adults! The view on the ride to the patch was amazing. I really love fall, especially when the weather is staying in the 70's!

They have the ride decorated with scary guys. Logan thought they were funny but he hated the skeletons in the store. He clung onto me and buried his head in my shoulder.

The boys ran ahead to the corn maze and took off running and laughing through the entire thing.

My sweet Charlie was loving getting her pictures taken. It was awesome! She was posing and cheesin. I know that I am biased but this girl is beautiful! I think we may be in trouble when she gets older!!

My boys were being cooperative for pictures too! It was an amazing day. I fear we will have our hands full with the cute boys too!

Ethan is our cousin and Logans best buddy! They love getting together and playing. Logan slept over his house last night and is going to another pumpkin patch with him today while we go to Pittsburgh to take my sisters engagement pictures.

Little Ms. Lily was trying really hard to get up and have her face in that pumpkin!

5 of our goofballs! 

Dom picked our family pumpkin this year and it is a whooping 25#'er!

Our family of 5! We love going to the pumpkin patch, one of our favorite fall family activites.

With my cousins family! Mandy is like my 2nd sister. We grew up close and that has not changed.

These two girls are the best! They are too cute together.


  1. Looks like so much fun! We have never been to that patch, but have driven passed it a few times. No idea how you got your kids to pose so perfectly, V was a nightmare today...ha

  2. Love all of these pictures! The pumpkin patch is one of our favorite fall activities too. So much fun.