Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday Top Five Laughs

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It has been a long time since I remembered to write down the cute and funny things that my kids do. I finally remembered over the last 3 weeks to document some of them. I love this blog hop, stop on by and say hello to Melissa! I have 6 since its been like a bajillion weeks since I participated.

6. When Charlie has a headache she tells us "I has a head-cake!"
5. When Charlie is not wanting to do something she tells me “It not hap-ah-ding!”
4. Logan’s new phrase is “I got this!”
3. Logan asked for lucky charms cereal and I gave him some. Then Charlie wanted some too and we were out of it. Logan said “Here Charlie, you can have mine” BUT he had eaten out all of the marshmallows. So! Ha.
2. Charlie got into the bathroom cabinet. She took out all of my tampons and dunked them into the toilet. Then she un-wrapped some panty liners and stuck them to the floor. This, my friends, is what happens when you are trying to get another child a drink.
1. I was upset and Charlie came over to me “Mommy, you cryin? What happen? It okay. I get you a twish-eww. I kiss you boo-boo!”


  1. I like the idea of head-cake :) And some of your kids other expressions are equally adorable. As for #1 - I am also forever moved when my kids show compassion to me when I'm upset. It's one of the moments that make so many of the others (like your #2) a bit more bearable.

  2. Logan is smart, marshmallows are the best part, the rest just reminds me of dog food...ha

  3. "hap-ah-ding" - I love this!

    Also, #2 made me actually LOL.

  4. How did I miss commenting?? I am so sorry!!! So strange!
    I love Logan- head cake? He is too funny!! I love the I got this!!!
    #1- swoon!!!!! How can you stand it!!!