Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Elf on a Shelf

This year we adopted our Elf on a Shelf! I put it off last year because A- a $30 elf is a bit expensive in my opinion. B- Charlie was only 1.5 and I knew she would be clueless. C- I was way more overwhelmed by Christmas craziness last year than I am this year.

So on Sunday December 1st, when we went to pick out our tree, I pulled the trigger and bought our elf. I picked it up in secret.

We left the kids in the car while we took the tree into the living room. I quickly opened the elf and put him in the tree while Gary fixed everything. We went out to get the kids and told them "While we were putting the tree in the stand, Santa sent something for you!"

The kids ran into the house, Logan whining the whole time because he had fallen asleep. Charlie crying because she was super tired. Both wanting food and nothing to do with our fun Christmas stuff. I admit, I was a bit bummed. I mean, I just spent $30 on that damn elf and I was so excited to see their face when they found him! And they were totally killing the moment.

After a gulp of a drink and a few animal crackers, they started looking for what Santa had left behind. Logan quickly found the elf and asked all about him. Dominic read the book to the kids while Gary and I finished unloading our car full of stuff. The kids started to discuss names and Garland instantly became part of our family.

Our first night was simple. Garland was just hanging out:
The second night, Garland and Cinderella went for a ride:
The third night, Garland is trying to get the kids to understand listening. We have told them that if they are not good listeners then Santa replaces gifts with elf here is their warning from Garland:

Garland may bring the kids a small treat for the days that they are good! He has many things up his tiny little sleeves in the next couple week.


  1. Love our Elf on a Shelf! Your kids did a great job with the name! My son isn't nearly as creative... Last year he called him Michael Jackson, and this year it's Chippy (that's the name of the elf from the Elf on a Shelf movie). How did you keep Charlie from touching him!?!?!

    1. She did touch him once, I explained that he now is sick and has to get better. If she touched him again then he would have to go back to Santa and stay in the elf hospital. I keep him up really high after they find him to "watch" what they are doing!

  2. Just catching up on all of your posts - loving the Christmas cheer! :) Okay, so, I've been dying to know how everyone gets their kids to NOT TOUCH the elf when they have him doing fun things. Do the kids see you move him? Or do you do it without them looking? I'd like to have Hanley (our elf) do something fun once in awhile but there is NO WAY my children wouldn't touch him if they could. Touch him, hahaha, that's way to generous, it would be more like man-handle....

    1. LOL Man-handle! If you do the dry erase marker on the pictures, they are up high so it is fun and they cannot reach Hanley! I do move our elf to the mantel if the kids try to touch him. (I just told them that they are not allowed to touch him)