Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Friends, Traditions and Fun

Each year we get together with our friends for a Christmas party. We look forward to it each year!

Group shot taken by Stef
In recent years, our group of kids has grown leaps and bounds. After discussing with Stef and Amber, came to realize that our first annual party was in 2006! It consisted of Audrey, Dominic, Noel and Dylan. As you can see above, we now have many many more. (we were missing a few families so there are actually 16 kids!)

We usually all just pitch in and order pizza, each bring pop and snacks/dessert to share....this year Stef came up with the pasta bar idea, complete with salad and fresh bread. It worked out really well! We had cheese sauce, alfredo sauce, plain sauce and meatballs. Each family still brought some drinks, snacks and desserts to share.

After dinner, we had a visit with the big man! We went from oldest to youngest for visit Santa. I am so proud of Charlie, she is doing awesome with him this year! She tells us "My like Santa. He my friend. I sit on his lap, tell him I yike babies and barbies!"

After all the kids met with Santa, we had our gift exchange. We pull names (Logan picked the names this year) and each child buys another child a $10 gift. The kids enjoy this exchange so much! We went from youngest to oldest for this part of the evening. I am very proud of my kids for being patient and awaiting their turn! Logan did ask me a couple times but was told it is not polite to ask and if you keep asking then you have to go last!

Charlie received a cute barbie play set and coloring book
Logan received a lego set, a spiderman guy and a color book
Dominic received a game
After the gifts were all opened, the bigger boys ran off to play. The girls got out the sugar cookies and icing and started to decorate away! The enjoyed themselves, maybe a bit too much. Of course it started out very awesome and mellow but when the Moms left the room, Charlie and Lily got onto the table and were eating icing out of the containers. Charlie was also dumping sugar crystals into her mouth from the bins. Lily (the other Lily as Charlie calls her) was covering her hands in icing. It was quite a sight to see. Wish we had a photo but the Mom in Stef and I jumped into action to clean them up and get the dining room back to normal.

After cleaning up the mess, we got all the girls changed into their jammies. And great minds think alike...the Lily's had on matching pink Santa jammies and Charlie also had on pink Santa jammies!

Photo taken by Stef

While the big kids were enjoying every minute of their time together, the husbands were enjoying time in the basement/family room. George was playing guitar and the guys were singing along, having some adult beverages and laughing. Us Moms were in the living room with the adorable baby additions to the group. We always enjoy a good conversation, taking pictures and figuring out what to do next!

 Just look at little Liam....
And Violet (another photo taken by Stef) .....      

I am all about traditions. We as a family have so many....this is one tradition that I hope never ends! And next year, there will be another baby to add to the mix as one of our friends could give birth any day now! 


  1. I am impressed that even the big kids wore festive colors to the party! I love that Santa came to visit. Looking forward to bringing 2 kids with us next year!

  2. How much fun!!! We need to a family tradition! Those pics are so adorable!

  3. Wow! Thats a big family! When I was a child, I remember going to huge family gatherings from my grandfathers side. As everyone got older, families grew apart. It's nice to see someone keeping up with a very important tradition!
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Although we are like a family, this is actually our group of friends! Some we have known for almost our whole lives, others are new additions! :) Merry Christmas!

  4. It was so much fun! The toddler fiasco was messy but funny! Our girls are trouble!!!